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Top 5 Drama Anime



5. Zankyou No Terror

Twelve & Lisa

Even though this anime focuses more on the action and mystery, you will still be hit with a wave full of drama at the end – you will develop enough feelings for the characters to at least feel some sadness in the last scene of Zankyou No Terror or when they talk about the background story of the two main characters “Nine” and “Twelve”.

4. Kyoukai No Kanata

Akihito Kanbara & Mirai Kuriyama

Kyoukai No Kanata (aka “Beyond The Boundary”) doesn’t seem to be too dramatic at the beginning – but the story and characters promise many moving and touching scenes as you continue the anime.

The relationship between the two main characters develops into a sensational story about two people, who kind of share the same fate.

3. Kami-sama No Inai Nichiyoubi

In the world of Kaminai God has abandoned the humans, leaving them without a way to die or give birth. The story follows a young girl named Ai on her journey to find out who exactly her father is. One day she finds out, that a man called “Hampnie Hambart” killed everyone in her village – but why is he doing this? And who is this mysterious man?

A very great and very dramatic anime, where you can let all of your fellings out – I definitely recommend it!

2. Ano Hana

Meiko Honma

Okay, if you haven’t watched Ano Hana yet, you’re either new to the anime world or I don’t know…something’s not right here!

This is the saddest anime I’ve probably ever seen, and it is definitely worth watching – so if you haven’t seen it yet, this should be the next thing you’re going to do after finishing this post!

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Mirai & Yuuki

I remember searching for a really sad and dramatic anime to watch one night…and wow, I didn’t expect something like Tokyo Magnitude at all.

It may not be the most dramatic in every single episode, but it’s definitely worth watching til the end – because I didn’t see a plot twist like that coming. And that plot twist is one of the biggest reasons, why this anime is my #1 drama anime.

Do you agree with my list? And what’s your top 5 drama anime list? Let me know! 😀


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