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I'm currently home with a cold =3= just going through more of my past pictures to post and watching Mia Maples on Youtube, because her mom and daughter videos are cute and funny.



These pastel works are older, I haven't really tried pasteling in awhile....but I have some velour paper I use to color on, and some rough drafts for the picture itself.

This is a kinkajous and panda.. what are some animals you love?


Pastelling is really forgiving, I like to use oil pastels because it looks almost like paint when its complete. You have more control over your colors and blending is very easy and there is no drying time needed. You do have to be careful with the paper because you don't want to indent it and create crease lines. You can also use pencil crayons for details like hair/fur/whiskers/eyes...(pencil crayons like prismacolor). 

Anyways enjoy the video haha




wip kink.png

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