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Weird weather



Ok, time to ramble...

The weather where I live is so weird, considering how it is winter and it has been POURING for days now, i'm a bit agitated...where's the snow? Why is it in the High 50's? COME ON NATURE!! COME ON!! DO YOUR THING!!

Don't get me started on how the summer is like..back in May of 2016, the weather was freezing, so much that it began to snow and young me didn't care...BUT NOW I DO. One day it will 112 degrees, next day it will be below freezing. I swear, if you tell me climate change isn't real, i'd look at you like you were nuts... (that is just my opinion). Nowadays it has been getting warmer and I don't like it. Honestly I'd rather be cold that burning hot...but a nice tan is nice..

Anyhoo, what's the weather like where you live? Is it BiPolar like mine? Or neutral?


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