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Ok, so you all probably will not care, but to the 2-3 people who view my blog, GREAT NEWS!! I'm writing a metal review on Metal Archives, let's HOPE it doesn't get rejected like my last 2 reviews.

Why the rejection? I struggle with being detailed and precise with my Reviews, so this one is going to be hella banger, as it always should be. I will put more thought into my review, and make this one good. 


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How did it go, no rejection this time? 

Making me want to listen to Cradle of Filth again. Nymphetamine and Nemesis are two of my favorites. System of a Down and Korn too. Good stuff. 😎

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Still writing the review actually! And when you write reviews, it takes some time to see whether your review gets approved or not! 
It's taking me some time because I've been re-listening to the Metal Album i'm going to review, and i've been writing rough drafts of my review...i'm trying to make this one good -- clearly...hahah 😆

System of a Down and Korn are GREAT Nu-Metal bands!! 

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Oh, nice! Hadn't been on AF in a few and thought I might have been late on any approval congrats. xD Wishing you luck, let us know when and if they post it when you're done. :) Would love to read!

Haha, sounds like a good strategy to me. Can't go wrong with organizing your material and drafts. 👍

I've been getting interested in Scandinavian metal but not too well versed in bands at the moment. :D 

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