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Freaky Memory Talk #1



We all have memories, don't we? Some of them are sad, some are happy, some are angry and some are embarrassing. When we remember a memory we become happy, sad, angry or even bury our head in shame. Memories are so much more valuable than you think. These golden things can change the way we feel. Say, for instance, that you're depressed and you suddenly remember a funny memory. Your expression changes from "Life really sucks..." to "WTF?! LMAO!!!" Oh. Wait. I just remembered a memory right now. I remember i was in 1st grade. It was raining and S (my so-called best friend) and I couldn't go play so we sat inside. Inside where we sat there were a lot of parents and some kids aged 4-6. I just took hold of S and started kissing her. On the lips. In front of those parents and kids. In our country being gay or lesbian meant that you had some kind of mental illness or you were harassing your partner. If they saw you do these stuff they would either take you to a mental hospital or to the police. And I kissed S in front of all those people. Think about that for a while.

Done thinking? Okay. Moving on. So anyway, where were we? Oh yes. Memories. Okay, so what would happen if you didn't have memories? Well, one second you'd be all lovey-doyey and the next you'd be like "OMFG WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!" That would totally ruin your chances of getting married and having kids. But if you did get married, you won't remember how to have kids. So  you'd go around asking "Where do babies come from?" like a five year old. So let's be real, okay? You can't simply survive without your memories. Except I'm pretty sure I can live with the memory mentioned above.

Is this how you right a blog? I really don't know how to since this is my first time writing a blog. Hey kids, I live in a cave and I'm your ancestor! Yay! Hello great-times-infinity grandmother! Okay. Shoo, get out of here!

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I'm so sorry. The second paragraph's last line was supposed to be "Except I'm pretty sure I can live without the memory mentioned above."

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