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Charlotte – Episode 3 Review



Hello and welcome to my final blog for the third episode of Charlotte! Once again, I’m sorry this entry is soooo late…like I said last time, what life I have has been busy lately. This episode of Charlotte introduces the final member of the Student Council!


This episode starts off with Ayu preparing omelet rice again for Yu. He tries to refuse but she insists on him taking it anyway so he does. Ayu is so freaking adorable <3


After Yu gets to school, Takajo decides he’s going to spurge for the limited edition beef tongue curry to lift Yu’s spirits. Once again Yu doesn’t eat the lunch Ayu prepared for him….so wasteful….He even goes so far as to start talking about how good the beef tongue is….


So the Student Council’s informant reveals that the next ability user has two abilities. One is channeling and the other is pyrokinesis. This bomb shocks everybody because it has always been one ability per person. The street that is marked on the map is an alley which indicates the ability user is moving. Upon closer inspection, it appears the ability user is being chased. After talking to a witness, they find out the name of the person being chased. It is Yusa also known as Yusarin, an idol. Takajo freaks out because he’s such a Yusarin fan…..such a turnoff!!!


Nao notices a suspicious looking person and chases him. He punches her in the face and runs off. Takajo and Yu use their abilities to subdue the guy. Nao gets up and is more worried about her camcorder than about the punch she received to the face. Since the guy is injured already, Nao threatens to leave him to die if he doesn’t answer her questions. After the ambulance takes the guy away, a red haired guy approaches them. He knows Yusa and it doesn’t take much to convince him that Nao and company are not enemies. He agrees to lead them to Yusa.


Once they reach Yusa, Takajo freaks out and we get some wonderful lines from Nao. <3 Nao questions Yusa about some questions about her ability and when one of the other guys answers, Nao tells him to shut up and resumes questioning Yusa. It’s a great scene for Nao fans. <3 Yusa is pretty cute too.


After some talking, they learn that Yusa is being chased because she accidentally took a smartphone home that belonged to a producer and read a text message that would get him fired. Misa then takes over Yusa and nearly burns the whole place down. After some more discussion, Nao tells Misa that she is good with creating plans to threaten others <3 and that she’ll help. Misa agrees and therefore, her two companions agree as well. Misa is great character and it’s hilarious watching Takajo freak out when his cute Yusa becomes a pyromaniac xP


After some fireproof clothes, Nao turning invisible and beating the producer up, Takajo knocking somebody out and Yu possessing a guy and making him stab his leg, Nao’s plan to make the producer terrified of Yusa succeeds. Afterwards, Nao convinces Yusa/Misa to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy. It’s an awesome scene!

NEVER get on Nao’s bad side xP


Since Yusa/Misa will be transferring, Sho (redheaded guy) takes a moment to tell Misa that he loved her and he felt like it was his fault that she had died. Misa tells him to move on and to be happy. He says he will. This is a really emotional scene…..that made me tear up.


When Yu gets home, Ayu gets mad at him because he is really late and he didn’t call. Ayu is adorable even when she’s mad. <3 Her anger is diffused when he tells her he was doing student council work. After they eat, Ayu sees Yusarin on the television and Yu tells her that she will be transferring to his Academy tomorrow. Ayu asks if there was any way she could meet her and ends up with a nosebleed. Ayu is so freaking adorable <3 Then the episode ends.

Overall, this is another fantastic episode. Once again, I apologize for the really late entry! Charlotte is totally worth finishing and I hope you enjoy the anime.

Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your life to read my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!



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