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    that's actually the reason i deemed myself the title of "lame artist" it's because, i felt unworthy, bad at what i did, and felt like i could never improve besides, i never studied anything in the art-field, (sure, i look at referrences, but i dont look up tutorials, i used too, but now a days i dont TuT anymore), almost all my life has been thrown on playing games, surfing the net, and as of the recent year, just studying -- but i did notice, i got better at drawing, comparing it to my old drawings (i did a 2 year-gap difference on my first OC), the style, the lines, it all feels different from when i started but yea, long short, i can safely ditch the "lame artist" title, couse i feel like a worthy artist but i wont, because its a memento of what i used to be
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    Yes, I have felt imposter syndrome. Sometimes I look around at the people I work with and think, "damn.. how did I manage to get in with this crowd?!" People call on me for answers that I don't know. Often I get thrown in at the deep end and it is sink-or-swim time. I can identify with people like Jen and Sorata in S1 of "Pet Girl". There always seems to be another problem or deadline that people expect me to be able to deal with, and if the bosses think things are going too smooth they up the ante. (Seriously. The former chief boss at work - a guy who is fluent in half a dozen different languages, has 4 masters degrees in physics and engineering, an MBA, a doctorate in electrical sciences from CalTech, is currently a professor at CalTech, and who basically invented synthetic-aperture radar, at least as it is used in remote-sensing applications - was definitely a Rooseveltian at heart. He once said at an all-hands meeting, "If things aren't breaking then maybe we're not pushing the envelope hard enough".) I don't think you can overcome it, in the sense of getting to a point where you can relax. At least I haven't found out how to do that myself. I deal with it, if you can call it that, by quickly learning what I don't know and answering as if I'd known all along. Sometimes I think my only true skill is Google-fu. (Though sometimes all I find is other people asking the same questions. ) It is stressful sometimes, but it also has its moments of awesome.
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    Its funny that someone would say it's boring to you because you don't like reading, when for me it's more of the opposite. I find the writing of visual novels to be terrible BECAUSE I am used to reading actual well written novels... Just miss me with that.
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    Yeah, I can't stand when people compare a disinterest in certain literary types to a lapse in reading. Sometimes, it's just experiencing the genre format that isn't for everyone. Visual Novels aren't my thing either. The interaction kind of throws me off the whole literature aspect. It's like reading a digital novel when you prefer a physical one and I love having the mental freedom to envision what I'm reading as well. Also, when it presents itself as a game, the pacing can get very tedious. Best advice I can give if you're in the process of creating your own VN is balance and repetition control. Even most JRPG's seem to suffer narrative repetition here and there. Good luck on your work though! Putting your heart into creative projects is still pretty awesome, no matter the critics!

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