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    Drawing can be so hard ... but its really really fun. practice makes perfect , so one day ,someone will compliments your drawings , and that makes me feel good , to have someone compliment you , for you to see your own amazing drawings , you can make a story out of everything you draw .... everything , that's why i love drawing so much . Sorry if some of the pictures are sideways..
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    Definitely feeling weird with how things are going right now. Looking forward to some more normalcy here hopefully soon. Its also been such a busy week, I feel out of the loop. Out of the life loop haha. I hope everyone is doing alright and taking care of themselves. Take this time to re-eval life Here's a creepy cat dog thing to add to this strange day.
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    I think everyone by now had heard of the virus . Staying at home is pretty boring , all i can pretty much do is , be on my computer , watching anime or youtube , reading or drawing . All of times are like eating , sleeping or doing work . It canceled a lot of things , like a trip that was supposed to be today for me . Just saying , everyone , Stay safe , and find something to do ,and very importantly . DON"t be with people who are sick !!
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    In my lowest, during holiday; the cold of Winter. I sat in silence near a busy stream. The air that filled my lungs with a sudden calm seemed so ancient to me. It was here that I thought of my father. It’s been so long but I remember following right behind him, up the cliffside and to a towering summit. He could have said something, anything, but he did not. He just took a deep breath and listened. As the snow collected on my shoulders and the wind raced by, I heard my father’s voice. In the form of wild things—then I understood. I heeded and thought where the quiet had lifted. And there were many things being said.
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    I love LOVE reading! Personally, I've always been a physical copy type of girl and rather not get a digital copy/e-reader. AND, I will buy books I love however, I do have a library card because... that **** is expensive....(I'd be broke with all the books I'd want to buy lol). When I was younger I had lived in Vancouver for a solid two years after that I wanted to move back home and needed to lug all of my books back with me. I never realized how much I loved reading until I had 3 suitcases of books and a duffel bag of clothing. *Priorities* I don't mind audio books, they're usually my go to when I can't sleep or have a long drive ahead of me....can't...use my hands ^^; When I was in University, I always felt a little like Hermione from Harry Potter, as I would usually be done most of my textbooks before the course truly started. I am a fairly fast reader and like to have a varied selection of books on the go. I can be a slightly annoying person when I get into a good book - my sister used to get angry at me as I would usually ignore everything around me until I was completed a story. Basically, I'm really good at ignoring the world around me when I have my nose in a good article or story. I'm always inspired by the authors of novels and how much research that must go into their work. I mean to create such captivating stories you must know a decent amount of a topic to be able to describe places, situations and actions. For example, you can't write a believable story about a climber if you know nothing about climbing, or it would be a pretty empty story line with no body. I always thought it would be such a fascinating job to become a writer because it gives you an outlet to learn as much as you can and share that knowledge in a variety of ways, although, I have always felt a disconnect from idea to paper. Those who are creative enough to come up with an idea and then bring that idea to fruition - you're amazing in my eyes and I thank you everyday. Here's a short list of some books I've read this past year - keep in mind, I read almost everything haha so it might not be up your alley (no particular order) - An Invisible Library (by Genevieve Cogman) "Series" - Deadly Outbreaks (by Alexandra Levitt) - The Memory Illusion (by Julia Shaw) (really neat book, read if you like to learn about memory in the use of crime, and whether or not its possible to implant memories on people) - Sleeping Beauties (by Stephen King) - Death by Video Games (by Simon Parkin) - The Rules of Magic (by Alice Hoffman) - The Bone Season (by Samantha Shannon) "Series" Mime order - How Can I help? A Week in My Life as A Psychiatrist (by David Goldbloom) - The View from the cheap seats (by Neil Gaiman) - The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern) - The Goldfinch (by Donna Tartt) - An Orchestra of Minorities (by Chigozie Obioma) - Lost Connections (by Johann Hari) - Sapiens (by Yuval Harari) General Recommendations: - Margaret Atwood is my favorite author .....so anything? haha - Haruki Murakami another fav auth (start with 1Q84) I also really enjoy poetry authors I would recommend (and are probably already known) - Rupi Kaur - B. Abbott (I have High Poet Society, but he has two books now I think?) - Lang Leav - John Donne Anyways, maybe I'll add more posts about books :3 I feel like, getting to know a person's reading list, really lets you get to know the person. And of course, here's a pic I am currently working on
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    Just had a meeting at work last Thursday mainly on the updates of the Corona Virus and at that specific time only the schools had the potential to be affected. However, steadily it's been getting worse and worse and the U.S. Government is now creating more restrictions and bans making it extremely difficult for most people to even continue working. Apparently the Governor in my state changed our restrictions and bans 15 times within a few short hours today. So far it hasn't effected my job to where I won't be able to work but most of those around me are now without work because everything is closing down. Supposedly there aren't any plans with my job shutting down but honestly, who knows anymore?? Could be tonight, could be tomorrow or it could be next week. So far though we aren't shut down which is a good thing but like I said, now we are all waiting for the when.
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    So, here I sit - after what we've come to know was a near-miss today in my county with Death-Virus 2020. I've been reading a lot of posts and comments on social media the last few days, and just holding my head for most of them. A few voice actors I follow are in full-panic mode "I worry for the future", and "I don't know how long things will be this way, we've never dealt with anything like it before." STOP I'll be blunt, I quoted Christina Vee and Erika Harlacher for those - and not only are they not leveraged in any sense of reason, they're also not rooted in any sense of fact. But let me start someplace a little bit brighter for you all. Things to remember There is no reason to fear the future - any future. If you can figure out the present, you are capable of figuring out the future - regardless of how unforeseen it can be. Any bad situation can be turned into a good situation if you have the right mindset. Optimism is your friend. There are plenty of positives that are around you, much more than the negatives. Struggles make you a better person on multiple leaves. It may surprise you that there is a hint of fact in the adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It is not forever. Nothing ever is, and there is no reason to believe this too will be forever. Already, we are beginning to hear about fluxes in released/recovered patients being released from hospitals in meaningful numbers in China. That's after they cracked down hard on quarantines and bit the bullet on health services. They are well on the way to recovery, and their numbers do indeed show that. That is to say, there is something on the other side of this virus - life returning to normal once again. That's not to say that things may not get worse for you, or for the rest of us before things finally improve. By no means should you believe this as a means that things "can only get better." But it is to say things can always get worse. That being said, it's up to you on how much you let that worse impact you and your life. As for the quotes... "I worry for the future." Why? Why would you worry for the future? Why worry any more now than you have been? If you don't concern yourself with the future, you aren't paying attention. Suddenly presuming the future is dark based upon a current blip of pressure is easy to do, but it's also self-destructing and rarely-if-ever rooted in truth. If I had a nickle every time I heard someone say "I worry about the future", I'd be rich right now, and almost never have those premonitions of the individual ever culminated in anything beyond a minor and momentary inconvenience. Please don't sensationalize yourself, your future, or the future of others simply because of your immediate sense of dread due to your own misunderstandings and misconceptions. "We've never seen anything like this before." Um. You haven't. None of us alive today have. But to say that this is unprecedented is absolutely false. It is true that on a global scale quite of the same caliber it has not happened, but the following things have happened before: Economic collapse on a global scale Worldwide pandemic of an unknown pathogen Worldwide pandemic of a rapidly transmitting pathogen Shutdown of Western European commerce and business due to a pathogen Shutdown of North American commerce and business due to a pathogen This is not to say that you should not take things seriously. You absolutely should. But to assume that you are living in the worst possible scenario out of a series of outcomes is incorrect. To assume this has never happened before which makes you inherently knowledgeable on the situation is also false. What's more, almost all of those struck once upon a time, during and just after a massive world war had drained and depleted natural resources, destroyed homes, villages, families, and left thousands upon thousands homeless, living in worse-than-third-world conditions, and worse. My point here, folks...is that these are interesting times. Take time to learn. Take time to enjoy life. Take time to slow down. Take time to disconnect. Take time. Just be. Learn how to be human again, because what I fear more than the virus, is that this whole thing has revealed that many humans have forgotten how to just be.
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    There was something absent in standing on the garden pathway of my grandmother’s house. I haven’t seen this old foursquare in some years. During the Summer, in another time, the garden was filled with lattice archways. Purples, pinks, and yellows hung from them and danced in the warm, sweet smelling breeze. There was all manner of butterfly bushes that attracted various nymphalid alike. Robins, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, and Hummingbirds perched themselves on one of many of my grandmother’s little wooden feeders. They played and bathed in a makeshift fountain, just center of the vegetation. The house itself was an alluring, generous thing. The paint always seemed fresh, save for a few cracks and wear in her character. Her wooden shutters were a glimmering turquoise in the sunlight. The porch creaked its playful greeting with each step. While the soft wooden resting-swing swayed, as if itself was enjoying the scented air. My grandmother. She would open all the windows on a cool evening and when she was well, she would serve tea that was made by the sun. Once in a while, the family got together and we all took an end of the kitchen table and had dinner outside. Late, when the sunset was done fascinating us with the blush of her loveliness. The barley grass would glow and fade in a rhythmic twinkle. Fireflies. We only visited her home a few times a Summer. The land stretched on for miles, within a tiny German town. Less and less the family came to see her. Just my mother and myself, when she could. It was found out that my grandmother’s land was worth a lot of money and royalties for years to come. Family wanted her to sell and promised they would move her somewhere nice. My grandmother, however, stood at her door one afternoon to contemplate this offer and couldn’t find any other paradise she’d rather be. Good on her. However, the outdoor dinners slowly stopped with a spattering of “please reconsider” and “what about your grandchildren?” and nothing was ever the same again. I stood there with a fleeting memory of things that were. The barley was now dry and stiff and broke with a touch. The splintered lattice arches had been tangled in dead vines that covered half of the pathway. The makeshift water feature was cracking in the pitiless heat. Surrounded by weeds that guarded it like archaic ruins of another world . The birds sang in the distance and their feeders were stuck in the earth for such a while. One could mistake them for a tiny cemetery of wooden shaped headstones; wild flowers blooming between them like phantoms. Approaching the porch, the welcoming creaks were replaced by a ghastly grate. The resting-swing was gone and the ligneous shutters, paled by the light of the sun, had become an inelegant shade of green. The paint along the house itself looked grim. Naked. In a bit of nostalgic recollection, I felt bad for the old girl and somehow—she lived well. My grandmother herself needed a month or two of looking after, so I took her in. She had grown very ill. There I sat on an old stump and felt my eyes swell in a seldom melancholy. The warm sun on my skin, and under the bold light, the scene at the horizon had not changed at all.
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    I suppose, I should make an actual art post considering this is all new haha. Lets start with a picture I drew of a co-worker. She was sad one day because she didn't like her nose. I was a bit flabbergasted as I feel this person is beautiful inside and out....and so, I drew her lol Got to love inspiration no matter where it comes from. Now this one started as a sketch (just pencil) I have this sketch if anyone wants to see it haha... colored it after with some copics, and then did some edits on my phone. It is by no means exciting, quality isn't amazing....but it made my friend's day so who cares? ^.- My friend loves astronomy I tend to do a lot of mixed media in my work ^^;
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    so ... when i was in middle school , i had an assignment where we have to write a letter to our future self or past self , i'm reading it right now and its kinda weird to me , and i'm just going to share it ... Readint it after 5 years
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    I'm currently home with a cold =3= just going through more of my past pictures to post and watching Mia Maples on Youtube, because her mom and daughter videos are cute and funny. These pastel works are older, I haven't really tried pasteling in awhile....but I have some velour paper I use to color on, and some rough drafts for the picture itself. This is a kinkajous and panda.. what are some animals you love? Pastelling is really forgiving, I like to use oil pastels because it looks almost like paint when its complete. You have more control over your colors and blending is very easy and there is no drying time needed. You do have to be careful with the paper because you don't want to indent it and create crease lines. You can also use pencil crayons for details like hair/fur/whiskers/eyes...(pencil crayons like prismacolor). Anyways enjoy the video haha
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    I figured it would be important to introduce this blog before I actually just go forth and post. Although, how essential is an actual intro when you aren't really sure what you'll be posting? Yes, there will be random posts of artwork. Yes, I will probably vent some frustrations when dealing with a piece. I assume, I will probably leave some insight as to what has worked for me during a piece or not. IF that ever comes up (and that is totally dependent on whether or not I post more than sketches). I suppose, it would be up to you - the reader, as to where this should go. Please let me know if a work interests you, if you're curious how it was done, if you would like to know my process, if you have any questions about products I use, how I use them, and or any general statements. Art critics are welcome, will it be acknowledged? Maybe, maybe not every time, but I will read it nonetheless ^^v If this doesn't go anywhere and I ghost you all. Please forgive me. - Nyx
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    How has everyone been doing? The last couple of days have been ridiculously unfortunate. I've been considering a higher power at work, no other explanation. First, I had to be rushed to the hospital. Got sick with something that affected my thyroid, causing it to wrap around my trachea and obstruct breathing. The hospital was overwhelmed with so many other issues. I opted out of oxygen and just tried to relax and intake what air I could. There were others that probably needed it more, by the looks of things. At times, it felt like sitting there and accepting asphyxiation. The more fear and panic I had the more my throat tightened. So I inwardly did my best to make peace with the situation. They had no idea what was going on other than I was suffering from some respiratory infection. I could not be tested for COVID-19 due to a test shortage. Emergency COVID-19 testing had to meet the required symptom of at least a high fever. The nurse and I joked that I had every other symptom but the fever. Nevertheless, there wasn't much to do but go home and add more days to quarantine. My sister had to come and get my grandmother. To be honest, I've been taking care of her for such a long time—it's been nice not having the extra stress in my life right now. Perhaps the thought was a little selfish? Perhaps the universe was set to teach me a lesson? When I got home, I nestled into bed and tried to rest. It was cold and raining outside and I kept hearing a loud buzz and thud against the back windows. Then, an enormous white glow. An electrical box was raging and sparking. I called the emergency number and they instructed me to get out of the house immediately. Fighting for oxygen, I had to collect five dogs and put them into the car and park a ways down the street for safety. I saw smoke and flames and it struck me that I might lose everything. However, the fire department was quick and the only thing burned were the electrical boxes, the outside wall and some of my garden. A police officer told me that I was lucky the damage wasn't worse. I sat for four hours in the car, waiting for the city. Trying to stay warm with my dogs. Meditating on what kind of luck I was actually meant to be experiencing. Ah, if anyone is asking themselves why I have so many dogs; two are rescues that I'm rehabilitating. One was inherited from my grandmother (on my father's side) when she passed recently. The other two I adopted. They're rescues that needed a lot of work and one of them was actually in the process of being put down when I saw him. The city finally got there, shut down the power to my home and wished me well. I was without power for three days and couldn't intrude on my sister. Didn't know what I was sick with and risking exposure to my grandmother would kind of defeat the purpose. I just had to laugh at the circumstances thus far. What are the odds!? It's the one time I'm glad that I followed all of the hysteria. I was stocked with enough batteries, lamps, blankets, dog food and canned goods to wait out the three days with no power. Wow, did they become a perspective on readiness. Living by LED lamplight and eating cold soup. I even had to wrap up and sit in the car at a convenience store, waiting until the people thinned. Just to get some ice. Again, didn't know what I was sick with and didn't want to go about infecting people. Once I had ice I filled an ice chest at home, to try and save some frozen food. By this time, I was feeling really terrible. Couldn't talk to any family or friends because I was trying to save cell battery. Tried charging it in the car but it was taking too long. Got up to forty percent and decided to drain the rest out of what was left in my laptop. Wanted to save gas in case there was an EMERGENCY-emergency. It was also freezing out. Hellish on the body but a small comfort to my lungs. I could feel the cold soothing them and I stared up at my ceiling, wondering how long I would last during the end of the world. Next morning, I broke into my father's workplace. I say broke considering the company closed down due to COVID-19 and was relieved that they hadn't cut the power to the facility yet. Charged my phone completely, used their microwave to have a hot lunch and rushed back home. No power means no alarm system and this disease had already brought my neighborhood to hoarder's edge. I was worried someone might break in—the times are strange, you never know. I was worried about my dogs in this context more than anything. I have power now but had to pay a significant amount to get everything fixed, inspected and reconnected. New boxes, new wires, new meter, new cable to the post. Currently trying my best to rest. Symptoms have been coming and going for twelve days now. Breathing is a little better. Felt my best yesterday. As luck would have it, my fridge was on the fritz last night. I'm planning on stealing borrowing the one from my father's workplace for now. Hey, he pitched in to buy it in the first place. After everything I've been through I'm feeling a bit more determined. If there's a lesson here it's definitely you're either prepared or not prepared enough. There is no in-between when it counts. - Yoda, I'm sure. That concludes this weeks' disasters, I guess.
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    For a assignment , i have to make a speech , a ted talk speech., and it is annoying. I usaully hate speaking in front of a lot of people even if it was just 30 people . It has to be about something you want to fix , a problem you want to fix . Just saying . Right now , i have no problems , no problems i want to fix , unless its problems like " i dont have enough money probelms " or " i want a new car " .... stupid problems.So i decide to do " how does social media affect us " in the negative way . How do you think social media is ..? negative or positive ?
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    well if you're reading this imma tell you a story of my life about my friends when i was in middle school I have a lot of friends , i can list my friends in each year and it changes a lot In 6th grade my friends were , Morgan ,kennedy , Jael, Jennifer, Eshal , Alexandra and Queen But it's not like that seventh grade ... Jael got homeschooled so left us, Jennifer got put in another class and stopped interacting with us , and i made a lot of new friends too such as , Summayya, Dijla ,Kaniz,Rewale and Khadijah . They were precious to me and so , i hang out with them Now for eighth grade my friends were about the same but My Bff morgan and kennedy moved ....... i missed them a lot but we stayed in contract ,and i also made new friends ,Sena , Shena, Allison , Anneh , and Malaika. They're good friend of mine , plus i met most of them because we all went to orchestra. Also just saying , tell your friends you're grateful for them now cause they might be gone next minute and you're regret it , that's why i don't want to lose any of my friends. Also because of my friends they got me to likke anime and drawing just lie me . They encourage me and tell me positive words, so i'll do more for them too
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    This was the start of a birthday gift for another friend. She is a Power Rangers fanatic. We always talk about our childhood memories of Power Rangers...she would go visit her grandad he would watch PR with her and discuss epic ninja battles (He was into martial arts movies in general). And I......was not allowed to watch it because it was deemed to violent. (SO SILLY) She loves villains hence Scorpina. Reference and sketch - I do not have the colored picture =-= I'm bad at photographing all my work afterwards haha Who do you usually fall for in a show? Villain or Hero?
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    Lies people tell them self all time .. like me , i do it too ( trying to wake up in the morning ) " Just one more minute " ( Watching tv ) One more episode ( reading a book ) just one more page ( eating chocolate ) One more bite haha , Maybe we lie to ourself more then we think we do , cause i really never considered it as lieing before

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