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    Pretty photo I wanted to share.
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    Went for a drive today just to get out & clear my head. My city is beginning to look like a ghost town with businesses closing down left & right & very few people out & about. This is just becoming very surreal & extremely worrying. Hope everyone on this forum is doing well.
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    This is a cute dress yo
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    thought this does a decent job of an overview of covid-19. a bit simplified but overall well done for about 8 minutes
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    If anyone is looking for something to watch appropriate for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day I recommend The Ancient Magus Bride as it has a number of creatures from Celtic mythology (banshee, leanan sidhe, etc.) While it’s not anime, the animated film The Secret of Kells also works.
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    Less worried about Corona Virus than what people are capable of doing when they’re scared.
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    Having meetings at work for contingency planning in case we get quarantined. Oh boy....
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    Finally gave up AT&T and called Spectrum. They're definitely the second choice in terms of uplink and downlink speed and ping times. OTOH, they actually managed to get their shit working, unlike that other utility. And OTGH pretty much anything beats AT&T's old 8mbit DSL.
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    Did someone say delicious homemade chicken fajitas?
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    Digging your new profile photo
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    Looking up some really yummy recipes because I'm determined to have the healthiest, most epic breakfasts ever darn it!
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    These little evening strolls of mine are becoming the best part of my day...during a pandemic. Because why the heck not? And before anyone freaks out, yes, yes, I am keeping my distance from everyone else lol.
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    Burnt my arm today while teaching someone how to cook taro. Shelf beside me was hot and I rest my arm for a second =-= Triangle burn.
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    Another 12 hr day of work. BUT, can't complain, at least I'm working. AND my sinus infection is gone SO EXTRA HAPPY. Still, rules are becoming more strict where I am from. We are limiting the amount of people allowed into places now. Supposedly they are going to start to fine people who are to close to each other...not taking social distancing serious enough. I read an article and felt like I was going back in time to a world where people were considered inappropriate without a chaperone mainly because it said no hugging or hand shakes. I'm ok with the rules. I don't want my family to get ill. I hope everyone is doing alright.
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    Got a new frozen fruit blend for this weekend's smoothies & at 1st I didn't know what to think of how good peaches, pineapple, red seedless grapes, & kiwi would taste together. Now that I've tried it however, I must say that it's pretty good. Not one of my favorites but it'll work.
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    Currently under quarantine surving still alive
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    Well, great. I've been trying to rest but this is my fourth day being incredibly sick. My doctor won't see me until the 26th. He's instructed me to self-quarantine for the time being. Even then I need to pass some sort of examination outdoors before it can be determined if I can proceed to see him. Hoping I don't have the flu. I haven't had the flu since I was a kid. Office tells me it might be a wait to get results in, even if I do get seen soon. Love that they basically told me to buckle up and cross my fingers. I meant to get back to replies but I'm just not feeling too great. I'll probably be out for a few days/weeks. Worried about my friend in Italy. Haven't heard back from her... Stay safe out there!
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    This virus is getting out of hand smh
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    My brother just sent me this...
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    Hope you all stay safe out there.
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    Very curious how international travel will change in the coming months after the initial impact of Covid-19. People are assuming that flights & vacations will be super cheap because companies will be trying to make money back but that may not necessarily be the case if a global recession happens. Even if it doesn't, it's very difficult for service based industries to recoup big losses even with government assistance so some prices may actually go up. Who knows?
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    So, our government banned all gatherings of more than 5 people; Thankfully my family is only 4 people large so we can still have dinner together But srsly, many more countries will probably follow this trend, since there's virtually no reason to assume that the virus will spread differently in other places. (Or at least most countries that have at lest some 100+ confirmed cases and/or had their first case a few weeks ago.) Finally people will learn to understand and appreciate the introvert live-style On a good note, my friend has been tested negative and more sore throat is gone, lel.
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    Well, friend of mine with who I had a lot of contact at the beginning of the week is getting tested for Corona because some of his relatives have it. If he's tested positive, I'll be under quarantine until the 24th. (not that much would change, though....)
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    Everything around me is getting canceled because of the corona virus. Close contact military training goes on though! Just go to your happy place.......
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    yay, my country is probably going into a total lock-down by the end of the week. Though, rationally many more countries, which have infected people by now will eventually reach a similar situation. Also, started to have a sore throat...
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    Well the schools in my province in Canada are going to be closed for two weeks after March break. Most of the cases of Covid 19 are in the southern part of the province but it ain’t impossible for it to come this way. Which is scary. Better to be safe than sorry.
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    Da da da! I haven't been around much because we're moving XD I'm barely able to keep up with my comic and videos...I miss hanging here, and I will return!
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    Speaking of rotary phones... https://justine-haupt.com/rotarycellphone/index.html
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    lemon and limes are good ... yum
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    Took a trip to the middle of nowhere yesterday...
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    Thank you for the follow!
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    Poke! Thanks for caring and the warm welcome. Can we be friends? I think I get annoying with asking for friends because I don't have many irl. I'm not lame I promise! lol
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    Thanks to @Ohiotaku and @Illusion of Terra, I have recently discovered the joy that is Somali and the Forest Spirit!
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    I've gotta say it...watching a show as scary as Shiki during a devastating pandemic at night is probably not the best idea for someone with an active, vivid imagination.
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    for some reason I've been sleeping between 9 and 12 hours every day for a week or so. not sure if this is some sign that I should go into annual winter hibernation also, I missed the deadline for a project working on aliens. I didn't really want to apply for it anyways, but still, aliens
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    Here's an interesting video by Khan Academy to explain the maths behind the growth of Viruses and how estimations are made, with Corona as an example. Well presented and might explain to some people how these "ridiculous" high numbers of estimated infected and future deaths are created, and what people mean when they say that many countries are "lagging behind", i.e. in an earlier stage of the outbreak.
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    So I hope that everyone out there is doing okay or the best they can be. I'm out of work right now sucks but what can I do about that but just try to stay positive. I know many might be feeling the same. Recently found my self a bit depressed I think mostly from being stuck inside since most places in the United States shut down. So can't go out to eat or movies or anything like that. There is only so much you can do inside your house before you start going stir crazy. I decided that if i got to move around like exercise I might feel better and sure enough. So I plugged in my WII and put in some Zumba and after a few dances and some sweat i feel much better. So if you find yourself feeling down for what ever reason just doing a little cardio it might help.
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    More and more businesses in my area have either started adjusting their hours, reducing staff, or just flat out closing their doors for good. The long term financial damage that COVID-19 is doing is scary enough to make our worst night terrors want to sleep with the lights on...
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    Having allergies at a time like this really stinks...
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    Queuing up some more reading material, just in case.. (from Cornell’s arxiv.org database) “The Silurian Hypothesis. If an industrial civilization had existed on Earth many millions of years prior to our own era, what traces would it have left and would they be detectable today? We summarize the likely geological fingerprint of the Anthropocene, and demonstrate that while clear, it will not differ greatly in many respects from other known events in the geological record. We then propose tests that could plausibly distinguish an industrial cause from an otherwise naturally occurring climate event.” This ought to be good reading... https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.03748
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    Tonight's dinner will be oven roasted turkey cutlets w/herb gravy, peas & carrots, & garlic mashed potatoes.
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    Los Angeles city has shut down bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, gyms, and fitness centers. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and food banks will remain open. Restaurants are allowed to serve take-out, but no dine-in service. Santa Monica ordered the temporary closure of its pier. Even some Las Vegas casinos are shutting down. If nothing else the economic fallout from all this will be significant.
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    The filing deadline for California state taxes has been moved back two months to June 15th. When the government delays taking your money you know things are getting serious!
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    TIL about Scott Caruthers, a cult leader who convinced his followers that he was alien-Jesus, needed to harvest "positive energy" from young girls, and communicated with the mothership via cats. Hmmmm.
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    woke up with a fever. I should have stolen a pcr machine (something used to analyze DNA etc) when I had the opportunity, to test for different viruses
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    Friend recommended me " your lie in april " any thoughts ?
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    Thinking I might try out either Death Note, Shiki, or Paranoia Agent after I get done with Terra Formars tonight.
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    Meal prepping for the week has become such a relaxing ritual for me
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    If you’re having trouble keeping track of the 4 Mars orbiters and 2 (soon to be 3) landers and who’s relaying data from whom, try this site: https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/explore/mars-now/

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