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    Bee flew in my house , trying to get it out
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    a screenshot of a little wip sci fi game ill probably never finish
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    My favorite thing about Wednesday, is working alone all day just cooking, baking and prepping for the next day. Still, I can't wait until the fall when I can change jobs again or go back to school. Decisions decisions
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    The company I work for is considered essential & I haven’t had a social life in 20 years. It’s weird to hear people talk like it’s the apocalypse when for me it’s pretty much life as usual. Or maybe sad instead of weird.
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    hope everyone's doing fine under the quarantine, remember to wash your hands! and not just opening faucet, few rubs with soap, and then turning faucet of, nay! remember the happy birthday song! sing it twice while washing hands and you should be clean as a birthday boy's innocent first birthday cake (i dont really know how innocent they are >.>) --- ----- -------- but yea, been writing script for game project i been wanting to make since who knows how long ago (but it's been longer than a year, that's for sure!) aside from that, there is no new updates from moi amore~ also also also also obligatory song post that i dont remember if i have posted already but will still post because reasons : D
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    In one of my 'I need to listen to Metallica for a few hours' type moods.
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    Temps got up to 76F today. So of course I had to mow for the first time this season.
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    It’s almost here Though I’ll have to wait until I get off work tonight to watch.
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    You know, I oughta come up with a cosplay/anime girl workout routine or something for those of us who are trying to get in better shape so that we can dress as our favorite characters. Now, before that gets taken wrong I am currently a plus size woman myself & over the last year have been improving my health & losing weight what I've found is that either the plus size anime costumes that are available simply aren't as comfortable as the smaller sizes OR they end up costing more. Just thought I'd throw that in there because I definitely didn't mean to be offensive with my comment
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    Saw an Aladdin avy & thought “Yep, gotta be Seshi”
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    Noboby’s fool (and it’s ever so lonely)
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    I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching a movie together on Discord this weekend?
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    So I totally couldn't fall asleep last night and now I am extremely tired but i still feel a bit restless and my mind is just going so I guess I'll drink some coffee and figure something out to do. I started watching Brave 10 last night. Well I watched the first 2 episodes like awhile ago I kinda remember how it started but thought I should just start it over. I feel like the priestess character is a little overly clingy for me but I was digging it. probably finish watching it today cause I don't have anything better to do right now.
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    Hey all you crazies, I mean that's what we are all feeling probably. Most places being on lock down everything feels so topsy turvy. Anyways I'm doing well despite being out of work like so many others. I've been studying my Japanese since I have so much time on my hands. Also crafting, reading, watching anime, sleeping a lot, eating and drinking alcohol seems like the thing to do. Just kidding not drinking that much. Mostly being a couch potato. I haven't posted a blog in while so I need to get on that ASAP (sorry btw). I forgot was going talk about some stuff but I guess I'll just put it into my blog.
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    woah have you guys seen the moon today? its HUGE my phone doesn't do it justice, just go look outside
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    my dad went to get gas cuz its really cheap right now, but he accidentally hit the high grade gas instead, so now his ol junker is filled with top-quality gasoline like a polished turd hahaha
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    I'm thinking Sword Art Online might be worth a go after I finish Shield Hero.
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    My English teachers write emails to us talking about how we should stay strong, have hope and take care of our mental health. I don't understand how setting work that's worth 2 lessons which needs to be handed in the next day helps-
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    Heyo MechaBD! Long time, how have you been?
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    Just finished Season 2 of Black Butler. Might check out Shield Hero next, I think.
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    movie directors nowadays be like "lets put billions of dollars into the visuals of this movie and then darken it so nobody can see it even if you turn the brightness up to 100" what is this the early 1900s? this isn't radio we have a screen for a reason, use it
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    My inability to write "profiles about yourself" and "about me" continues, I see...
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    ugh my stupid cough is back. time to knock myself out with severe cough medicine with nyquil in it
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    what if i made a gardening club on here.ive seen a couple other people who seem to like gardening but i dont know much abt opening or managing a club.
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    aa, just got my butt kicked by Hades in kingdom hearts chain of memories
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    atashi no done with comic~ i-i was gonna redraw yukari, but i totally didn't get...lazy >.>... first comic i ever did, since i started my lame artist hubbie~ though, tomorrow, i plan on writing a script on the game i wanna make should focus on that before characters, but i already have some characters, and i drew what they look like, like chest-chan (i posted what they look like here xD) as for the story, i just had an idea while taking a poop in the booptroom (bathroom) sooo, yea DOZO~ also, hope everyone's doing well in the recent events of NCOV-19 i sure am, i would do my part in helping, but im unlicensed, and i fear if i go outside, i wont be coming home anytime soon (which i dont mind tbh) problem is, SOMEONE decided to sell my FACEMASKS so yea, going outside naked feels bad (being maskless, is pretty much like going outside naked, especially since we dunno' if someone sneezed in an area and stuff) but yea, my best part is, just staying home, studying, playing, and rooting for the front-liners safety
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    just curious, but whats the "my anime" tab on your page for? how do you mess with that?
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    i drew a new icon!! what do you think.
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    country roads~ take me hooome~
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    I really need to catch up with my online classes and the work they've set. After that, I really want to pick up Castle of Otranto again! I feel like this lockdown provided some opportunities to read books and watch anime/series/movies I've always wanted to but hardly had the time for!
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    Todays just a day which some people gets dumb and some gets mischievous
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    How is everyone holding up? I hope you all are doing well.
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    Tommorow is april first right ?
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    I'ma start working on some things... especially getting the badges re-designed (Some I find a bit silly compared to the rest of the ones... So expect a few re-designs soon-ish-maybe ;P)
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    I got extended holidays due to the corona virus and should use it wisely. hehe Guess I will start with binge watching Death Note.
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    So I hope that everyone out there is doing okay or the best they can be. I'm out of work right now sucks but what can I do about that but just try to stay positive. I know many might be feeling the same. Recently found my self a bit depressed I think mostly from being stuck inside since most places in the United States shut down. So can't go out to eat or movies or anything like that. There is only so much you can do inside your house before you start going stir crazy. I decided that if i got to move around like exercise I might feel better and sure enough. So I plugged in my WII and put in some Zumba and after a few dances and some sweat i feel much better. So if you find yourself feeling down for what ever reason just doing a little cardio it might help.
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    ...this was my first time using a drawing tablet instead of mouse... ....It was meant to be a feild of flowers....
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    So I don't know what's going on with me lately. I have a few shows that I am watching right now. mostly new content so I have to wait for the episodes to air first before being shared. Though usually while waiting I'll watch stuff that is a older and has all it's episodes already out. But lately I'm bored almost like nothing is really peaking my interest. On one hand I feel like you can never watch too much but maybe I'm a little burned out or I know what I wanna watch but not finding the exactly thing. Like when you're hungry craving something but you can't exactly pinpoint or you know what you want but you just don't have it in your fridge or cabinet. *sigh* ahh thanks for letting me vent. *sigh* Hope i figure this out soon. Any suggestion or comments are welcomed!!
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    Fair warning, you may need an entire box of tissues for episode 15 of Shield Hero
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    my dads been really depressed because a bunch of people around us and his coworkers have been committing suicide and crap, and everythings bleak you know, hes overworked and theres not really much a point to it anymore. but its his birthday, and i rarely ever hug anyone, but i wished him a happy birthday and gave him a big hug today. i hope its the little things that count. (we're also teaming up to get him the new farming simulator for his xbox hahaha, thats his favorite game)
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    I just found out that butler cafes are a thing in Japan & that there is an actual anime cafe not too far from where I live. And OF COURSE these things would be revealed in the middle of a pandemic where just about everyone is on lock down. Figures!

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