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    Just finished the 1st paragraph of my book & my stomach is already in knots. My goodness, I wonder if this ever happens to Stephen King...
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    I found my monitor. Now I just need to win the lotto.
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    Doing a summer clean up of my profile. Disconnecting a bit. I'm sorry for being a bad friend =-= I hope everyone is safe and keeping in good spirits.
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    I'm thoroughly enjoying how messed up Monster is. Also, I've actually been able to get some progress made on my book. Spending the next few weeks designing the characters & may even get the intro written. Outlining is going to be huge for me because I've changed some of my original ideas for my lead character so I've got to keep them written down or I'll never keep all this straight. I've decided to add some Ancient Egyptian deities as well & am enjoying mixing in some of the lesser known gods & goddesses & deciding what roles they will play.
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    Nice, another Samurai Jack fan
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    after 3 years (last i played was 2017, or so save file says), i have started up AAC2 again (a lewd r18 game) which is also -- one of my most favorite eroge of all time -- being that it's been perfected due to mods and all (atleast, before it was nice, but now, with current mods, its hella perfected) and yea, after 3 years, i plan on starting a newg+ on it, with all the new mods -- AND BASICALLY I JUST WANNA FLEX THAT I MADE MIMI IN THERE chuuni mi-chan is best mi-chan

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