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    Hello everyone. Rean Schwarzer here, huge fan of trails series for what concerns jrpgs. On the other hand my favourite anime series are mostly between psychological, mistery, philosophical and action! Well uh i mean, i do like harem stuff too, and why not, some fanservice never hurts. I am totally new here, actually, this is my first time on an anime forum. I decided to join mainly cause i could not find much people to talk about anime plots, waifus and whatnot. I am 21 y.o from USA, currently a student. My hobbies rotate between sports and programming (especially stuff that is centered about database management and web developing). Currently working on making an A.I based on gatebox project that is, ofc, an anime girl. Well, either way, nice to meet ya all! Hope i can enjoy my time with ya!
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    (i hope this thread never dies because i love going through here and listening to the music people post)
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    My new favorite anime song:
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    What's the weirdest obscure anime you've seen? I haven't seen a lot since i'm mostly trying to catch up on the big ones, but recently ive been trying to watch more obscure anime. but, ill start with one: Damekko Doubutsu is about a forest full of useless animals that are bad at being what they are. Except all of the characters look like humans dressed up in weird animal costumes...? it looks cartoony like it's meant for little kids, but the characters are all adults and some of them drink and smoke. It aired briefly in 2005. im sure other people can top it, this is just an example.
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    Welcome!!! hope you enjoy the madness of anime
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    I suppose I was thinking that the Army wasn't unique in it's "you have to check in, if you have it" policy. Though, again...that makes sense. I'm trying to imagine the logistics of deploying a nationwide survey to affected people with a limited staff on hand as is. God knows if someone even *thinks* they have it, we have to report it and initiate a quasi-HAZMAT response. Though, that's not so much an issue for our specific area now, since we've all been isolated away from work for more than 14 days. I just know my hands are much more full now than they were three weeks ago, and I'm absolutely whipped. I'm expecting a big announcement tomorrow too on my end...ugh.
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    If it's anything weirder than weird, It's Gakuen Handsome. And yes it's an anime and yes I watched 2 episodes of it until I gave up. I just. Don't understand why they made this. It's. Just. Like. Look at the dude's chin. You can kill someone with it. And the opening and endings are just like a great troll or a very bored project by the studio. (The anime's duration is only up to... 5 minutes? It's been 3 years and I'm not touching that ever again.)
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    Welcome to AF! That was a really awesome intro. What kind of sports are you into, also, is it more watching or playing? I like your fave anime genres. I think you'll get along with a lot of people here. Hope to see you around!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    @Ohiotaku lmao!! love it! someone, somewhere, worked on this show and had to draw individual leg hairs onto creepy fish men
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    Nice but try putting your insta in your profile website area. I'm interested in following.
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    Weird AND obscure? Pretty sure that honor(?) would go to Papuwa. Strikes me as a parody of Dragonball (before Z) with wardrobe inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
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    Depends where we set the baseline. Whose to say we aren't already living in a fantasy? Maybe the flow of energy is magic.
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    Don't get me started on the news media, not just specifically in this case but in general. It might be because they lost a lot of business in the last decades, but it seems to me that even long standing quality news outlets, in English or some other languages, are starting to become more click-bait enthusiasts. I find this negligent at best when it comes to things like pandemics, and the current one is no exception. Anyway, one thing that I personally enjoy seeing (but others might disagree) is that many people are having virtual conferences where they are interrupted by their kids or pets I think many might recall that one interview some years ago where the toddlers stormed into the room of, I think, a political analyst I saw something similar today with people here who work in the same field the reason I enjoy this is because it adds the person to the profession (not in every case of course). Now, I am quite lackluster when it comes to 'professionalism' in general, but even disregarding that I generally do not treat people as a working unit who has to do their job. It doesn't matter if it is someone at the DMV or a salesperson, I always try to see the workers as people with complex life backgrounds. Adding things like pets just makes this more obvious and hilarious I think
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    You have to learn how to market your degrees. That's not just history or art history - it's every degree. Liberal arts in general does a poor job preparing a student for a perspective employer. Art History teaches you plenty about the craft and history, but usually does a piss-poor job of teaching you about the job field. The main reason I didn't have issues is because we had an over-active and heavily involved director that demanded all students take internships prior to graduation. It was actually a requirement. That helped immensely. My internship was with Installation Management Command (IMCOM), and then I got picked up as an actual employee by another command.
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    I think that's why shows like The Mist, Bird Box and Cloverfield freak me out so much. Its an alternate reality encroaching on ours or aliens...they're creepy too. I think IF and I mean highly skeptical on the if, some fantastical world did start to encroach on our reality that we on our side would not magically be given any special power. That it would solely be one sided unless birthed into by two people (thinking genetics), but magic. I'd be very skeptical on. Reminds me of the movie Bright haha And so yes, like @RZ. already wrote. I too would probably die quite fast...but hopefully not so agonizing lol
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    My brain says no. My heart says YES YES YES. My brain reminds my heart that in such a world I would probably die an agonizing death in the first 10 seconds, so it's a nope from me lol.
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    I haven't watched Perfect Blue yet but now that I've heard this I'm definitely going to check it out.
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    i am watching all anime that netflix has to offer.. if i get through that i'll hit up hulu???
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    Life has a funny way of catching up to you. The same people who are going to these Corona parties and on spring break trips are the same ones getting infected from the virus and these clout chasers as well are really just making themselves look like total idiots for their really beyond reckless and selfish decisions. Can't say that i feel sympathy at all towards idiots who are trying to make everyone elses lives even more miserable then it already should be.
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    i dont really like traveling, like, i do go camping in the woods a lot, if that counts. but ive been to mammoth cave, ive been to nashville for a concert with my old band and to sightsee, and i guess its just not for me. its too jarring and stressful, and it costs way too much money. but, there are some things about it that are fun. i just think, theres plenty of pretty sights at home anyway, and i can learn more about culture online by talking to people who live there. so i don't think its something thats really a necessary thing to do in your lifetime these days to feel fulfilled, you know? but for people who it doesn't stress out that much, i bet its really fun.
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    Hello, and welcome to Anime Forums~
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    Very nice to meet you, Ren. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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    I saw this online and wanted to share. It's so pretty!! It was under a search for Amabie...although it is missing a lot of human parts, I felt like it was a nice concept to run off of.
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    Here you go haha quick sketch aka noodle hands
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    Enjoying the humor which keeps it from feeling as pretentious as SAO: Aliciation. For example the alert letting players know when they need to log out for a bathroom break & Nemesis whining about Ray using her to chop up zombies
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    Every girl is pretty, they just don't know it.
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    this is the only pic I have, since I lost my cam.
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    So I keep forgetting how the spoiler thing works but here's a pic of me.
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    I posted one of this same series a while ago, but I don't remember if it was this specific one. The nice thing about working for the Army: Explosions, guns, BIGGER GUNS, and very rare guns...(and explosions).

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