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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Chris. You do not have to call me, "Chris The Pocket Master" Chris is just fine. I bet you are wondering, "Why the Pocket Master? What are you a master of?" Hahaha... well... nothing. It's just a name someone gave me because I have a lot of portable gaming consoles. I have been collecting them my whole life. It's very nerdy I know, but hey I am a nerd. I may share more about what I collect later if anyone is interested, but in the meantime I want to tell a little more about myself. I am in my 30s and I am still watching anime, reading manga, I am still drawing on my wacom tablet, and I still love playing music on my bass (jrock)... People thought I would grow out of it, but I have not. When I hit the age of 30 I have been feeling embarrassed about being into anime, video games, or Japanese music to the point that I would hide my hobbies from everyone - BUT I finally told the world that I do not care anymore! I love anime, video games, or anything to do with art! It's just that Japanese art interests me the most for some reason, and it always has. I am making a promise to myself to never be ashamed to appreciate an art of any kind or express my own art. Those days are over now. I signed up on this forum because I heard that you all were very nice and welcoming. I also know for a fact that you all like anime (hence the name of this forum)! So I do like anime and manga, and I do enjoy talking to people about those forms of art. The shows I am watching right now are: My Hero Academia, Initial D, Demon Slayer, and High Score Girl. I am currently reading a lot of One Punch Man right now. I still love listening to Jrock bands such as, X Japan, Luna Sea, Dir En Grey, Hide, Hyde, Fear and The Loathing in Las Vegas, Maximum the Hormone, and a lot of others. I do like some other bands like, Linkin Park, Pierce the Veil, As Tall as Lions, Incubus, Jhariah, and Rob Zombie. Aside from appreciating good art, I am a digital artist and musician. I have a webtoons comic up right now titled, Dreams That Can Be Felt. I also have You Tube Channels I am a part of called Phoenix Splash TV, and Phoenix Splash Gaming. I know how some forums are about sharing your own content so... I will not provide links until I fully understand the rules around here; however, that is my art if any of you all are curious to type and search up how I look. Some people do think I am handsome Jk jk jk. I am quite gross honestly. I have weird eyes. Hahaha! I am looking forward to talking with new people about anime, video games, manga, music, and anything really.
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