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  1. Thank you for your answer. Your first sentence "heaven lost its property and he found it (them, the girls)" helped me a little. Thanks again! Thanks to those who replied on this forum! Thank you everyone!
  2. It is complicated. But thanks anyway.
  3. If I understand, the lost property it's the girls. These girls can not be objects. So the correct translation would be "lost possessions"...? I have not watched this anime yet!
  4. Hello everybody, I am not English. I am French. I hesitate between two translations and I would like to ask you the meaning of "lost property". Does "lost property" mean "items found"? Or does "lost property" mean "lost possesions"? Thank you...!
  5. What does « Rosario + Vampire » (anime) mean ?

    Thank you for the information about a Rosario. The mode of Moka that I like better? I don't know. I like the two modes.
  6. What does « Rosario + Vampire » (anime) mean ?

    So, if I understood correctly, « rosario » means « rosary ». Thank you for all the informations !
  7. What does « Rosario + Vampire » (anime) mean ?

    In fact, I have already watched the anime. But thank you ! But you don't know if the word « rosario » is the spanish word for « rosary » ? Please... Thanks for reading ! Thank you for answered !
  8. Hello everybody !

    Yes, I think that I can teach you French ! And thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Nice to meet you too !
  9. Hello, I was wondering what this title means. More precisely, what does the word « rosario » mean in this title ? I think that « rosario » is a spanish or italian word and it means « rosary ». But I’m not sure. So, can someone tell me what this title means ? Please…Thanks to those who will read and thanks to those who will answer ! P.-S. : English is not my native language so I am sorry if there are spelling mistakes or mistakes in the placement of words in sentences.
  10. Hello everybody !

    I am a high school student. I am 16 years old. I like to watch anime. I find that the drawings are magnificent. English is not my native language. French is my native language. I come on this forum to ask for answers to questions. Maybe not that for that. But I would like to have friends on this forum ! My presentation is finished. P.-S. : I am sorry if there are spelling mistakes or mistakes in the placement of words in sentences.