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  1. LWhitehead

    Cesare Manga

    Hi does anyone know of this Manga I read the tranlation online, but I want to know what books the Author used to create this Manga. It's due to the simple fact I want to know more about Italy in this time period. LW
  2. No I don't work on Fanfics, I'vr used the Bubblegum Crisis RPG as a source, hence I need to know who owns the rights to Bubblegum Crisis setting. LW
  3. Who owns the Official Rights to this Anime setting?, I need to know since I want to create a New Anime in the Bubblegum Crisis setting but 40 years later in America. LW
  4. Come on folks I need help I want to write a Hard Fantasy series based on 19th Century Germany and Austria Empire, like in Gunka No Baltzar LW
  5. This manga which I read on Mangafox is based on 19th Century Germany and Hapsburg Empire, I need to know about the Creator of this Manga what source books did he use?. LW
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