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  1. I am curious people always go over the top in comparing how strong characters are compared to others. It's always one compared to the other. So i made a list of my own what do you think. What should i change and why, what should i add. (Assuming all power levels are based on same scale for fun keep in mind if users have diffrent energies a higher magic may not be able to beat a lower ki value based on how ki and magic work. though magic user may posses more abilities magic may up there score though like King in Seven Deadly Sinse is Powerful with magic weapon useless without it many magic users in Fairy Tail, Black Clover, and Magi suffer from same thing) (After Start of Dragon Ball Z before Freeza Saga official readings of scouters just ki strength ki is Vigor/Courage/Mind most likely physical and spirit strength combined in some way goku at frieza saga is limit no character can be stronger then that since power scaling becomes ridicules at that point and unlikely for most mangas unless dilusional fangirl/fanboy) (Seven Deadly sins Power levels measured by Balors Magical Eye before ten comandments arc power up combined physical,spirit,magical strengt) (Fairy Tail measured by magic power finder from magic games arc just magical energy possibly should be placed lower on list since there physical stats are much lower minus few exeptions like dragon slayers magicions) (Yugioh monsters attack is power level defense is what power level they can witstand undamaged- for arguments sake its a reading is full some of strength,spirit,magic power combined or just magical power at full attack since monster world of magic.) (One Punch Man Okame-Chan power scales just physical strength also wondering if i sohuld divide this number by ten since A Bear measured 905 and am fairly certain a lot of characters can take a reguler bear unlsess since the world is filled with monsters animals are stronger then usual also since it measures only physical strength it would not count guns like ki reader did so possibly the real value would be 2.2) (One Piece based on CP9 Douriki- lets say this is physical and spirit strength) (Where would Naruto fit on this list chakra would a combined value of physical,spirit,chakra capacity(magic strength)- note to self One punch man has Hero Association ratings which could match Naruto data books ) (Where would Bleach fit on this list - just spirit strength since everything in there is just there soul strength) (Where would Toriko fit- physical and spirit strength with the food energy would be like ki the spirit enhances the physical technique to couse those effects) (Hunter x Hunter this would be spirit strength unlocked in a way sinse nen is mental energy(spirit energy manifested in a way)) (What about Claymore- yoki energy ) (Magi Labyrinth of Magic) (Akame ga Kiru- Akame ga Kill) (Uball Blatt) (Tower of God) (Rurouni Kenshin) (Black Clover in it they have ki and magic though ki is only sensing, but it is established as seperate things) Characters Power Level Series Farmer(with shotgun) 5 Dragon Ball Z Hero Association Staff Member (1 Possibly?) 2.2 One Punch Man Spandam 9 One Piece Common armed Marine soldier 10 One Piece Red Muffler (C-Class Hero) (1 Possibly?) 10.0 One Punch Man Hero Association Rating: Stamina 2, Intelligience 4, Endurence 2, Power 3, Fighting Ability 3 Hero Association Staff Member (2 Possibly?) 22 One Punch Man A Bear(world filled with mosters)(1 possibly?)90.5 One Punch Man Crystal Seer 100 Yu-gi-oh Red Muffler (C-Class Hero) (2 possibly) 100 One Punch Man Hero Association Rating: Stamina 2, Intelligience 4, Endurence 2, Power 3, Fighting Ability 3 Nobarly 124 Fairy Tail Chici 130 Dragon Ball Tenten (not sure about placement) 140 Naruto Naruto Data Books Third:Stamina 2, Intelligience 3.5, Speed 3.5, Strength 1.5, Taijutsu 3.5,Chakra puts her above red moffler even thouge here stats are lower Genma Shiranui(higher/lower sugestions) 150 Naruto Naruto Data Books: Stamina 3, Intelligience 3, Speed 3, Strength 3, Taijustsu 3, The other values put them up in power the same way magic does for the magic users even though without it this would be there strength possibly Kid Goku 180 Dragon Ball Master Roshi 180 Dragon Ball Kami 220 Dragon Ball King Piccolo 260 Dragon Ball Crimson Ninja 300 Yu-go-oh Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier 300 Yu-gi-oh Millianna 365 Fairy Tail The Unhappy Girl 400 Yu-gi-oh (dosen't look strong lives in monster world probably just strong haxed magic power) Man-Eater Bug 450 Yu-go-oh White Dolphin 500 Yu-gi-oh Harpie Girl 500 Yu-gi-oh Basic Insect 500 Yu-gi-oh Kalifa 630 One Piece Darkness Blade (B-Class Hero) 759 One Punch Man Hero Association Rating: Stamina 5, Intelligience 2, Endurance 4, Power 4, Fighting Ability 5 Fukuro 800 One Piece Kumadori 810 One Piece Blueno 820 One Piece Hizashi Hyuga 850 Naruto Naruto First Databook: Stamina 4.5 Intelligience 3, Speed 4, Strength 4, Taijutsu 4, other chakra abilities Ninjutsu,Genjutsu Hand seals are chakra enhancing that increase his strength maybe higher then i have put trying to figure out where he goes. A Bear(world filled with mosters)(2 Possible)905 One Punch Man Goku (End of Dragon Ball) 910 Dragon Ball Mr Popo 1,030 Dragon Ball Z Yamcha 1,480 Dragon Ball Z Alligator's Sword 1,500 Yu-gi-oh Raditz 1,500 Dragon Ball Z Stinger (A-class Hero) 1,660 One Punch Man Hero Association Rating : Stamina 6, Intelligience 5, Endurance 6, Power 7, Fighting Ability 7 should naruto stats be doubled or one punch man stats be halved to make this more fair. Krilen 1,770 Dragon Ball Z Gient Red Seasnake 1,800 Yu-Gi-Oh Child Emperor 1,880 One Punch Man Elizabeth 1,925 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Dark Magician Girl 2,000 Yu-gi-oh Jabra 2,180 One Piece Kaku 2,200 One Piece Red-Eyes Black Dragon 2,400 Yu-gi-oh Great Philosopher 2,442 One Punch Man Dark Magician 2,500 Yu-gi-oh Gohan 2,800 Dragon Ball Z Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3,000 Yu-gi-oh Gowter 3,100 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Ban 3,220 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Diane 3,250 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Meliodas (Before Chapter 134) 3,370 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Piccolo (Vegeta Saga) 3,500 Dragon Ball Z Orga 3,825 Fairy Tail Rob Lucci 4,000 One Piece Nappa 4,000 Dragon Ball Z King 4,190 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) (remember he still has zero for strength last i checked its all magic power for him) Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 4,500 Yu-gi-oh Merlin 4,710 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Five-Headed Dragon 5,000 Yu-gi-oh Jumping Spider 6,999 One Punch Man Goku (Vegeta Saga) 8,000 Dragon Ball Z Jura 8,544 Fairy Tail Cana(using fairy gliter) 9,999 Fairy Tail Vegeta 18,000 Dragon Ball Z Galand 27,000 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Escanor(Strongest weakest is 15) 114,000 Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu-no-taizai) Goku(Goku Landing on Namek) 180,000 Dragon Ball Z Goku (Frieza Saga still on Namek) 3,000,000 Dragon Ball Z Goku(Super Saiyan Daizenshuu) 150,000,000 Dragon Ball Z What do you think i like all theses anime/manga what should i add. Or what should be different.
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