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  1. Name: Alexandria Lockett Nickname: Erebus Age: 17 Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Hazel Height: 5'4 Occupation: High School Senior/Gamer She is a 17 year old girl who has a mild form of sun allergies so she gets a rash when exposed to sunlight so she spends a majority of her time inside her room which has no windows because of her sun allergies. Instead of going outside she played video games and eventually became a so called "gamer". She has a silent, anti-social, friendly nature but she goes in life like its a video game which makes her extremely socially awkward. When she gets exposed to sunlight she gets rashes just like someone with actual sun allergies. Her best friend is the darkness since she spends all of her time in it. She has been known to be mean at times without even realizing because of her anti socialness. Her vision is almost bad because of her constant staring at the gaming screen but because of her constant play of games or reflexes have increased. They are not to the point of god level, but she has heightened senses in the dark because she is so used to being in it. Her favorite weapon is actually guitar since her favorite video game is "band hero" (parody of the guitar hero franchise). You would think she is weak because she is constantly inside but it's the opposite. Alexandria worked out even more because she feels "in order to be good at gaming you gotta be in shape". She is also good with computers and electronics because she is constantly around them since she was young. She currently resigns in Tokyo, Japan and attends a high school but she does through a Skype like application since she doesn't like to go outside due to her allergies. P.S: I tried to be a bit more detailed with this one, I think this one is unique but hopefully it wasn't too unique in a bad way, tell me what you guys think, is there anything thing one looks for when looking for a character concept, thanks so much for the support guys
  2. If you had a cursed child from black bullet, whats her name, how would she look, describe her, i even wanna know what kind of weapon she would use? Does she have any special powers like magic?
  3. Thanks so much for the advice and yes I did me Colombia auto correct is the devil Ok the reason he is good with a scalpel is because of the various experiments that he preformed on insects, the Chemistry side ties in with the pheromones and him knowing how the toxins of the insects work. How about changing his age to 27? He doesn't have dwarfism but i kinda based his build off of the hunch back of Norte dame or maybe doofinsmirtz from phineas and ferb. Instead of scalpel maybe I could say he uses various gas canisters or possibly test tubes full of different things? Tell me what you guys think of this revision? And is the nickname really that bad? You guys are really helpful and I appreciate it a lot
  4. Ok so I love designing characters and junk so I came up with this character for a fighting anime. Tell me what you guys think i would love to hear feed back Name: Alexander Williams Nickname: The Baron of Insects Age: 36 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green Height: 4'8 Occupation: Entomologist/ Chemist Alexander is a genius/mercenary who uses insects to fight his battles. He has a massive arsenal of insects that he uses from spiders to wasp to roaches. He developed his on pheromone that makes him seem friendly towards the insects so they don't attack him. He has the posture of someone with back problems but he is very slim which makes him really good at sneaking around. He takes mercenary jobs to get money for his research. He also is skilled with a scalpel because of his long years in the field. He currently resigns in British Colombia because of his quick access to the jungle for more insects. (thanks for reading guys, I'm new to this so if you guys wanna leave tips and ideas feel free, thanks so much :3) Ps: I can't really draw but I have the perfect pic in my head so if you guys wanna sketch something it would be awesome and I'm completely fine with it

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