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  1. OH sorry yeah the thing is ... here where i'm from watching anime and spending time on PC is considered lame ... i don't rly care what they say because i still socialize and workout and stuff but i'm 17 and yeah ahaha i cant ask people (girls) do u game / spend time online without sounding kinda lame and giving off the stereotype "no life, gamer" VIBE.
  2. OH hello there man i did not expect an answer this fast :D! Yeah i have real life friends and i appreciate them but there is something about those night long talks over team speak i used to have w my online friend , we could just stop gaming and talk for hours whiles sending memes and links , and when i was younger those Skype calls w cute girls also ahahah i miss that ... i don't regret getting out of my comfort zone to work out, look/feel better and meet real people but still id be lying if i said i didn't miss those kinda talks :P.
  3. So i'm a very busy person, i don't get to meet a lot of new people and the ones i do are not my type because its usually at clubs and drinking with friends and other High School kids Even tho i have an active and a social life style i still want to use some of my free time doing lazy fun stuff like watching Netflix, some anime , gaming , basiclly spending time online . The thing is that i spend most of my time w people that are active like me so every day i have school, training, a bit of guitar practice and then on work days i have an hour or 2 of free PC time, in that time i have been struggling to make online friends which i used to find it easier to talk with then real life friends. Also i am kinda sad because the perfect cute nerdy girl i want is not gonna be outside for me to meet her . But rather inside watching anime and gaming
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