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  1. SleepyRevix

    Howdy, new guy!

    Hmm, I really like the anime known as S-Cry-Ed and I've been watching Black Clover recently.
  2. SleepyRevix

    Howdy, new guy!

    @Greeneyes Thanks so much @Wodahs Thank you very much
  3. SleepyRevix

    Howdy, new guy!

    Thank you very much and I feel like I will enjoy my stay, and you have a wonderful rest of your day as well.
  4. SleepyRevix

    1st Annual Anime Gala

    This is indeed not a scam I have talked to the creator today. @Yamasan would you like to talk to the creator first? She's very friendly.
  5. SleepyRevix

    1st Annual Anime Gala

    I just found this awesome convention type thing that needs funding, it's called the 1st Annual Anime Gala. Apparently they have games, cosplay, tournaments, dancing and much more. I'm so excited for it and I think you guys might be too, I hope it's okay that I post the link here. All of the information for the gala is on these two sites, I hope this okay because I'm super excited about this! https://www.annualanimegala.com
  6. SleepyRevix

    Netflix's anime adaptations

    Can you name a few, I haven't really been in the anime section on Netflix for a while.
  7. SleepyRevix

    Howdy, new guy!

    Gotcha and thanks again!
  8. SleepyRevix

    Howdy, new guy!

    Thanks for the welcome and yes another sleepy one haha.
  9. SleepyRevix

    Howdy, new guy!

    Hey everyone how are you doing, I'm Revix and I'm new here. Nice to meet all of you!
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