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  1. Seouli
    I'm back,ūüėĄ¬†& this time I will try¬†not to forget about this blog. I do apologize on behalf of my absence for last 2 months, long story short I procrastinated.¬†
    So no need to worry I'm still alive, I just want to update you guys on the last two months I've been gone. First, I quit my job, I got a new job as a server at a restaurant. And I'm in summer school for math, I just suck at math in general. And most importantly, I plan on coming back and posting more.
    Trust and believe¬†I will be back, Peace.¬†‚úĆÔłŹ
  2. Seouli
    Sorry I know I said " I would post once a week" but, recently things in my life have turned to poop. So hopefully I plan on to post maybe this week. And I'm also still deciding on what anime I should I review first.  
         So expect a review sometime this week maybe, Peace.
  3. Seouli
    Now, I've never been the one to share my thoughts on certain things. But I decided to step out my comfort zone give it a go at a blog.
      I'm not the best writer, so bare with me. I want to share some facts about me.
    1. I'm 16
    2. I'm a loner
    3. My top 3 favorite anime shows are; Inyuasha, Fairy Tail, & Kuromukuro
    4. My favorite color is black
    5. I love reading mangas, and comics
    6. My first ever manga was a book called "Emma".
    7. I like playing video games
    8. I have 4 sisters, including me, 5.
    9. I love supernaturals and horror shows (like The Walking Dead, & Supernatural).
    And lastly 10. I love junk food.
        So that's about it for my Introduction, I still have many things to say but that's for a later post.  Till next time, Peace. 
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