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  1. HystericalStrawberry

    Unidentified anime from early to mid 2000s?

    Thanks for the response! I could've mixed it up since it's been so long lol- That might be the show I was thinking of. Again, thanks a lot
  2. HystericalStrawberry

    Unidentified anime from early to mid 2000s?

    I'm going off of just one episode that I watched when I was 7 or 8, but please bare with me here-- From what I remember there were these two highschool kids, a boy and a girl, hanging out at the girl's house. For one reason or another the girl starts turning into a monster of sorts and attacks the boy. The boy's back ripped open and his blood turned into a scythe-like weapon. They end up fighting and the girl is defeated and turns back into a human. They hang out the next day and the girl apologizes for attacking him and hands him a soda. He thanks her and drinks it and the episode ends. I'm sorry I don't remember much, but I was hoping somebody here might know the show I'm talking about? It aired on adult swim sometime in either 2007 or 2008. If anybody knows what this show might be, please hit me up.
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