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  1. Ya sorry, but my internet shut down right after I posted the first thread. When it came up it automatically posted another one. I'm not sure how to delete one of them.
  2. I haven't seen Angel Beats, but loved High school dxd. Is Angel Beats similar to High school dxd?
  3. I watched the 2016 version, and then went back to watch the 1997 adaptation because I thought it was so good. I'm pretty much looking for some classic good anime's to watch. I'm not sure which ones to go for because I'm still fairly new to the anime community.
  4. So I recently have gotten into Anime and need more. So far these are the ones I have seen in order: Berserk Attack On Titan Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Fate Zero Seven Deadly Sins High school dxd Overlord I'm really into overpowered main characters, romance, action, plot twists, and great soundtracks! Please give me some recommendations...
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