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  1. The 2000 is including my husband too lol. I forgot to add that. Plus we check in a day before and a day after so we don't feel rushed and we could enjoy ourselves on the last day. We treat this as a vacation since we don't do it much as is. And we're staying at the Omni. We're planning on staying up pretty late and we don't want to be caught in downtown ATL late at night or have to bother calling an uber.
  2. It's CON (convention) season! Which conventions do you all go to and how much do you guys typically spend on them? Do you all get a hotel room just for those con? I'm planning on going to Momocon that's located in Atlanta, Georgia. It's an all together convention which means its a gaming, comic, and of course an anime convention. I love going every year. I typically try to get a hotel that's connected to where the convention is held. If I don't, then I have to sit in Atlanta traffic, which can take up to an hour from where I live. In general, I'd rather not do that. So, if I do get a room, I usually spend about 2000 includes the room, food for the weekend, buying stuff from the dealers room, an uber and miscellaneous. If I don't get a room, I usually spend about 500ish. Maybe a bit less or more depending.
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