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  1. Thank you, everyone, for contributing their time to my post, i finally found it after some time on MAL. its called Ankoku Shindenshou Takegami, you guys should give it a watch
  2. I'm from the US, and I saw it from a borrowed burnt disk of it. haha i know this doesn't help at all sorry. from what i remember was that there were three eps/parts of it.
  3. unfortunately, i dont i tried everything, checking all the dubbed anime lists, and hours of google searches
  4. Okay lemme think.. the main character had black hair I believe, and I seen it around 2001-2003ish. The anime style was more of a serious tone, and the art style resembles something like escaflowe, evangelion, and monster. I remember there were three parts of movies of the anime, one where he’s fighting a giant evil dragon, and another where he fights a giant human looking god. He ultimately dies in the end while the city was completely destroyed. The main character has a serious demeanor, like he was waiting for something like this to happen. That’s all I could really remember. Also to note he transforms to become a giant looking priest not like there was a mech.
  5. No it isn’t either of these, the setting is like modern Tokyo
  6. Hmm no it’s not this, he had a red armour that looked like a cyborg. It looked like early 2000s possibly 1990s
  7. Hello, I need help figuring out what anime I have seen as a kid. It's been awhile but what I can remember is that the main protagonist is a high schooler, I believe he lives in a shrine as well. He able to transform into a red armour figure with a green gem. Something happens that resurrects an evil god that appears to have similar armour but it was blue. They fight and then they become giants, and the main protagonist looks like a priest with two daggers. I remember having three burnt CD's of three different eps or movie, they were also dubbed. someone pls help me find this anime
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