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  1. No, Sorry that’s not it. I do think it could have been a movie which was a bit older. Maybe five to ten years possibly. But not much more.
  2. Sorry, that’s not it. The only two big things I remember from the movie were the Tank, like an army tank; and the part where the main character wishes (forget who he wishes to) to be sent to his own dimension with a whole bunch of girls and then decides to go back.
  3. Hi guys, About ten years ago I watched a movie on Funimation. It was roughly about a few people who are left on earth with no one left, or something like that. A couple of the guys go around in a tank and start blowing things up. Later, one of the main guys gets send to his own dimension which he wished for, which is something like one-hundred girls in bikinis partying and just him. If I’m correct, he decides to go back, because the girl he loves is not there. Anyways. This has been on my mind for a few years now, as I’ve really wanted to rewatch. Does anyone know the name of title?
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