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  1. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *starts setting down bean bag chairs everywhere, bakes some cakes and other pastries, then hangs a sign on the wall that says "☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆" before sitting on a bean bag chair and noming on a slice of cake*... Welcome everyone, and feel free to have some cake!... XD
  2. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    I need coffee...
  3. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Just looking at that has made me so hungry!... XD
  4. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    There's plenty of those too... Feel free to help yourself... :3 *noms cheesecake*...
  5. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    You can if you want to but we have plenty of cake and sweet here as well lol... :3
  6. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *noms cake*...
  7. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Omg, me too!... XD
  8. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Yay!... *sips coffee*...
  9. xWickedNekox

    Harassment Warning!!!

    I was also receiving these messages but they seem to have stopped since I changed my avatar to have a male instead of a female...
  10. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Hm, like your theory... I hope it's true... XD
  11. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Why are you guys replying to that message?... None of those replies were to you... >_> Also, why is it in another language now?... O_o
  12. xWickedNekox

    Stardew Valley (Which system?)

    I have it on my laptop through Steam and I love it!... :3
  13. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *sips coffee while sitting on a giant bean bag chair*...
  14. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    That's awesome!... :3
  15. xWickedNekox

    𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓮𝔂 𝓒𝓪𝓽♥

    You're welcome!... Thanks!... Same to you!... :3 Thanks!... :3
  16. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *sips hot chocolate and noms on brownies*...
  17. xWickedNekox

    Greetings, I am new around here.

    Welcome to the forum!... *offers cake*... :3
  18. xWickedNekox

    How are you feeling right now?

  19. xWickedNekox

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    I played Let's Go Pikachu!... :3
  20. xWickedNekox

    𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓮𝔂 𝓒𝓪𝓽♥

    Welcome to the forum!... *offers a fish shaped cake*... :3
  21. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Ikr?... Hm, I do enjoy cinnamon in my coffee but I have never tried it with ginger...
  22. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *lurkz and sips coffee*...
  23. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    But isn't special kay a brand?... If I make them technically they aren't special kay anymore, their wicked's brand lol... Ooo, where are you going?... >_> Yes, it's super casual in this thread... That's how I was hoping it would turn out lol... Good food lol... What about yourself?... XD
  24. xWickedNekox

    Weather in your area?

  25. xWickedNekox

    Which Game Systems Do You Own?

    I have a laptop (with steam), an xbox 360, an xbox 1s, a nintendo ds, and a nintendo 3ds... XD
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