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  1. Yeah I did choose pay later I did create a support ticket but they're closed until the 15th and that's when the figure is released.I mean when I go to my account it says awaiting payment so I can still pay it but the deadline was the 10th because if my order was canceled it would say canceled it wouldn't say awaiting payment Unfortunately I can't order another one this was a limited edition statue I tried looking other places but they're all sold out the only place I could find it was eBay but it's marked up a lot that's why I really want to get this one hopefully I'm not too late. I will definitely take screenshots like you said so if I do pay for it and they cancelled my order and they don't give me my refund back or something like that I have proof that I did pay for it and they're scamming but I went on to myfigurecollection.Net and reviews about the store and apparently it's pretty safe so we'll see what happens
  2. I just have a question I don't know if this is the right forum to be posting in but since it's anime related I thought I could give it a try sorry if it's not in the right thread. So as the title says nippon-yasan which is a site where you can buy anime statues so I pre-ordered a statue way back in the day and it's releasing on the 15th of this month and the deadline pay date was the 10th and now it's the 12th so I missed the deadline date. I tried contacting live support but they told me to submit a ticket so I have to wait like a week apparently to get a response so my question is. The deadline date was the 10th and if I don't pay before the 10th my order will get cancelled but it's still saying awaiting payment so should I pay it or should I just wait for the support ticket I kind of feel like I should pay but I don't know I just wanna get your opinions have you ever ordered on this site has this ever happened to you thanks a bunch.
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