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  1. Yeah I wanted to talk to the rest of the community about it. I feel it is crazy how this genre is for us but we do not know of it.
  2. Sorry about that. There are clean versions of those songs. Is it alright to link them for the others?
  3. I have been an avid listener of Anime and Otaku Rap music for about 6 years now. For those who do not know the genre, Anime Rap music is Rap music about or inspired by 1 or 2 Anime. Otaku Rap music is Rap music inspired by Anime and Otaku Culture. Has anyone ever heard any songs from the genre? My favorite artists currently is Chaos Network, Otaku Rapper of Chicago and his team, Team Otaku TrendSetters. I have found out about many Anime from his music and have become very empowered by listening because his music was created perssonally for Otaku and Anime fans and it makes me proud to be one. Here is his music incase you guys want to listen. Crossing the Fields Anime Otaku Drill Vol. 1

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