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    Coolert anime/manga character that smokes

    First of all, thanks everyone for all the answers!! He does look cool. I'm afraid the 2 cigars may be a bit too much . I saw "Redline" in the picture, I didn't know it was the name of the series. Thanks! Cool, cool, very cool. Great earring as well! This one is pretty cool: Cool indeed! Don't like his hairstyle too much though . Sounds interesting. Thanks for the input! About the first one, it seems we have different definitions of "cool" . Daisuke seems very cool. Again, his hairstyle isn't the best. I did find some cool artwork thoug. For example: or As long as you don't look at him from the front you are good Cool! You definitely want to turn on your "Safe Search" when searching for images of her! I did manage to find some good ones. The one you posted is the best by far though. Thanks!! Don't forget to reply again if you think of someone else, guys! Again, thanks a lot!!
  2. Hi!! I am looking for some artwork of an anime or manga character that smokes. Also, can someone recognize this? https://media.tenor.co/images/4fb00cc9c00c0f23d6e23b0b7163794b/tenor.gif Thanks a lot for your time!
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