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  1. Thanks. Osewaninarimasu. JK. But it's not Re:Creators. As mentioned above. There is an agency or company that helps heroes from other world's to settle down and get a real job. It's not Super power anime. Okay, let's see from what I remember. There is a girl hero and her younger sister. Elder sister is a badass knight. The young sister is a blacksmith and makes swords for her knight sister. They are betrayed by their own kingdom after the elder sister defeats the demon King..and both are drowning in water, then the agency comes into the picture. They get those two sisters and put them in a man's care, the protagonist of the anime. Then the elder sister gets a real job. Imouto isn't happy, cause elder sister was a knight and now she's just a salaryman (woman). Then something happens and they goto a beach. There are more women heroes from other worlds. That's what I remember....if only I could remember their names ... hope someone knows about it.
  2. So recently, I saw this anime. There's this agency that finds out heroes from other world's that have been discarded from their world. This agency brings those heroes (all heroes are girls) to modern Japan and help them get a real job. It aired it's first episode this year, but since then I've completely forgotten about it. Do you know the name?

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