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  1. HI thanks for the add^^ how are you?

  2. Joey

    Horror anime

    Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is one I should have made mention
  3. Joey

    What's your favorite ska/punk/psychobilly music

    Yea that's true better to go out the best then just some band who kept trying to renew themselves.
  4. Joey

    What's your favorite ska/punk/psychobilly music

    Great, too bad now and days they just sing 60's songs and not there original material
  5. Joey

    Horror anime

    Another I would say it's a good horror anime have you seen Tokyo ghoul?
  6. Hey ashe. how are you?

    1. Mysteria


      I'm doing well I hope you are too^_^ and thank you

    2. Joey


      You're welcome ashe :)) yes i'm doing good just on youtube watching wwe stuff wbu?

  7. Vash

    What's going on man cool gif

    1. Joey


      Thanks bro. did you know ashe's here?

    2. Vash


      I just found her, and i'm glad I did.

  8. Joey

    What's your favorite ska/punk/psychobilly music

    I hope the misfits count.
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