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  1. same here ! curious to see the new side stories adaptated into OAV's or movies; you know, for example, the one where they explain how hotarou made eveyone hate him or something
  2. Right ! hope they just think about it, given the fact that it has aired back in 2012, its been a while but dont give up hope haha :))
  3. so hi everybody i am new to this site, and to this club, and i hope we all have a good time talking about animes and stuff so had this question for a while, since im a big, and i mean HUGE hyouka fan ; will it get a sequel ? like a second season, a movie, or even OVAs or specials ? cause lots of other fans said "yes why not" as well as those who said " no that'd be boring" what do you guys think about it ? it really deserves a sequel even though the end was an end to the whole story as far as we all think

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