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  1. Thank you, how are you sir? Hahaha I'm sorry. I thought that was what the cool kids abbreviated it as lol. Uhm, well it doesn't usually take a lot for me to be super invested tbh. Like Tsurune made me super emotional, as is Run With the Wind lol. Then there's MB100 which just hypes me up, I don't know what it is? The subtle humor? The shock factor? The music when Mob gets super amped up? All of the above! Yesssssss!!!!!! Agreeeeed!!!! Hahah I literally have to cover my mouth every time something shocking happens lol. Ohhhh yes, that was INSANE.
  2. Hello, I'm excited to be here! Literally just finished watching the latest episode of MS100 and I am floored !!! I'm just looking to talk to some like-minded people and maybe even made a couple of friends. How has your guys' day been? Anything interesting? I would love to know x
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