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  1. Hello. Anybody knows Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate?
  2. Hi, have you guys heard or watched the anime Hellsing or Hellsing Ultimate? :)
  3. I with one or two chapters, move on with the next and never finish. sometimes i get back to them but meh. i lost interest real quick or dont know what else to put.
  4. I agree! Ryou's voice is Yeah! I love cosplaying! I adore cosplays of any kind! I have a TikTok that I'll be using soon! I just love watching anime as well, and writing fanfics. Sadly, I lose inspiration and well.. never finish them. XD
  5. Season 0 Yami and Bakura are amazing. I cosplayed as Season 0 Bakura and somebody got it and said they liked my costume, which flattered me. It was low budgeted, but... It flatted me that somebody liked it and knew I was Bakura! Bakura's voice is... mmm~ He's not good at dueling, considering he mostly lost and only won to Bonz. XD I did cosplayed as Sadao Maou from The Devil Is A Part-Timer! I got a few looks and a few people wanted my picture. My mom made the costume and it was very flattering. Then, I cosplayed as... Alucard from Hellsing, my mom also made that outfit. This year for Megacon, Imma be Todoroki from My Hero Academia. hopefully the costume will be here before Megacon though. was gonna be joker from Persona 5, but decided against it. XD
  6. I loved Bakura, to this day. I remember back in 2012, I used to RolePlay as him and my headcanon that he was a dragon or can turn into one. Though, I loved that he was Zorc and Thief Bakura. I loved his voice too in English Dub and Japanese. I always felt bad for Ryou. I watched season 0, I fell in love with Yami Yugi. He had an slight evil vibe to him. I love it, XD Ah, Kaiba. Hated him but now I love him. I also adored Joey. I seen bits and pieces of GX, and I do like Jaden. He seems really cool!
  7. Agreed, I see you love Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, I hadn;t seen the series.. but i loved watching the original Duel Monsters. Yami Bakura was my very first anime crush.
  8. Inuyasha is my first anime. I love it... I still rewatch it to this day! I love Kenshin,
  9. I am loving Persona 5.... I would love to see more anime, any suggestions?
  10. Symphony of the Night is a good one to start off, though you should start with Rondo of Blood (they connect), Lament of innocence is another good one to start off with!

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