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  1. When i am playing games . i always hope that don’t exhibit any kind of sort of issues varying from slow processing, deep freeze, lags and bootup problems. It is very essential to be sure that no computer virus files are present within the computer device. Individually I’m a fan associated with Norton Antivirus Software, sure it is expensive but from the experience as a brand name they have been really trustworthy. Norton doesn’t “demand” attention as other malware software does. To become honest I usually neglect I have anti-virus set up until it finally asks for the attention on start upward. A neat little point about Norton too will be they have antivirus with regard to other devices as nicely that will likely already fall under their paid subscription. This is great if you have multiple internet accessible devices, or if you use multiple devices for development. Bitdefender antivirus pc(link to website removed) includes more features than most computer protection programs. In addition to protecting against malware and phishing attacks, it alerts you to threats on social media and scans removable media to block malware entering through USB devices. It also has a gamer mode, sometimes called a silent mode, that postpones full scans and pop-up notifications so they don’t bother you when you watch videos or play online games. Feel free to discuss it, but avoid linking - xii360 of AF forums (10:35am, 7/10/19)
  2. Marvel or DC,This answer is based on my personal preference and nothing more,I prefer Marvel.At home we have bought a few marvel best action figures for kids.it is our interesting.   To see which is better we will have to compare them in various fields such as:Video Games,characters.films TV series .comics etc.   The characters like DC comics are too over powered and serious and GOD-LIKE ,DC always feels very intangible on a level of physicality and combat. Characters wane and wax in strength and resilience.   Marvel has evolved into a kind of gritty, real story that has strong thematic depth and believable characters.They tend to have one or two things that stand out about them and the rest is just human nature of insecurity and doubt and imperfection.Marvel characters seem to be at least 60% human at the core.
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