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  1. @ssjup81 Thanks for the suggestions! Bubblegum Crisis looks kinda cool. Think I'll try it out. Good stuff!
  2. Hey, I just finished watching Akira, which came up as number 1 here - I was looking for suggestions for another movie to watch. I'm new to the whole anime world and trying to get advice on where to turn next. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  3. "Psycho Pass" looks aweseome! Gonna try it out! Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum and Anime in general. I'm trying to start watching a new series, and need suggestions. A friend sent me this list - https://omnireboot.com/2014/top-10-sci-fi-anime-television-shows/ - but there's 10 on here and I'd rather here from you all about which one to start watching. Any ideas? Thank you!
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