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  1. oh , I see ,what are your 3 favourites?
  2. No problem! Im game....I have watched My Hero Academia ,only like 2 episodes ,that guy with the blonde hair was being an ass so I stopped watching for a bit and decided to finish Hunter X Hunter... I'm getting pretty bored with One Piece now so I'll watch Rising of the shield Hero and Demon slayer today,they sound awesome. My real name starts with a T and is a bit hard for people to pronounce so yeah saying "T" instead is much easier for people...I like Tokyo ghoul and decided i should call myself "Tokyo" (for my stage name-I'm an artist).. so yeah ...Tokyo...also everybody knows I really love anime so it made sense to them I guess...but I write my stage name as : "TXKYX" (replaced the o's with X's) like ''Scarlxrd" you should check him out if you haven't he's pretty awesome. I'm nice to everybody who likes Anime cause people around me don't really like anime,also you made me laugh so bonus points!! I guess you really wanted to know how to do introductions😅
  3. What was your title ??😂 can't be as bad as my mxit name "Storm Shadow Weezy F" .....................................................................................................................
  4. Thank you,thank you very much!
  5. Why thank you , ghostly potato lmao...I couldnt type that with a straight face😂😂😂 ghostly potato
  6. Oh hell yeahhh....thats all I want in life rn 😪 I do have a top 5 ,I havent finished alot of anime yet but I hope you could recommend some cool ones 5- Bleach 4- Naruto/One Piece 3-HunterxHunter 2- Darling in the Franxx( I really miss Zerotwo) 1-Tokyo Ghoul (though re: was very confusing i like how the second season ended) how about you??
  7. ohhhh I figured it out! its "quote" instead a comment like on all those other weird social networks. I laughed so hard im suprised none of my housemates woke up lmao ...I like potatoes though fr.. you can do anything with a potato.. mash,boil,fries and even get a voltage reading out of one...AWESOMENESS...Thanks again for the warm welcome! I have a legit nickname lol. certified af.
  8. Holy shit these forums are popping..sorry for not responding earlier ,I'm a crappy musician so like I was making some music and stuff ..thanks for the warm welcome,I feel at home already.... you guys are making my insomnia worse...I'm excited now ..glad to see the anime community is growing strong!! wait guys,so how do I reply to a person individually?...cause I really wanna do that.. PS I have a tendency of typing too much when I'm excited.
  9. Hey guys! my first time joining any kind of forum(so if I suck at this ,my bad) Everyone calls me Tokyo, or T . Excited to finally be able to talk about anime with someone. hmu I can talk about anything!
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