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  1. Hi all! I joined almost a month ago but a load of stuff happened and I completely forgot about introducing myself. >.> Believe it or not, I'm not particularly familiar with forums, but look forward to finally figuring out how to not be a loner! (\(^o^)/) A bit about myself, let's see........ I enjoy anime/manga of all kinds, constantly have to balance between devoted and obessed. I enjoy writing and pencil drawing, tho I have the self-doubt most artists have. Speaking of, I'll be doing a chose your own adventure story based on Madoka Magica in the creative corner, so pop over there if you're interested in that.
  2. Edit/notes: I'd seen the story using the reactions for voting but didn't see where the reaction button was. (found it right after you suggested it >.>) Vote using them: Silly for A. Sad for B. Confused for C. Skeptial for D. Creative for E. Also, the extra side story managa reading isn't required, they're almost entirely for characterisation and what not. The only thing that's needed from them is knowing who Oriko and Kirika are and they'ire motivations.
  3. Hi there all! This is a little project I've been working on for over a year now. (Finally found a website to do it on, so I guess this is also a hello to everyone! ) This will be, as the name suggests, a Choose Your Own Adventure story based on the events of the Madoka Magica series and its side stories. It's heavily inspired by an old CYOA posted on 4chan back in 2011 called the Magia Series (First season was Magia Revolution) While not COMPLETELY necessary, having knowledge of some of the side stories is recommended. The relevant manga are: Oriko Magica (and its continuations: Sadness Prayer and [Extra Story]) A Different Story Homura's Revenge Mitakihara Anti-Materials (not a canon story, but written by Magica Quartet and has a few interesting character points) Will you change the fate of Madoka and her friends, or will you meet the same end, doomed to suffering and failure? While Witches and the Incubators' manipulations are worry enough, yet darker forces are at play, forces hellbent on bring to an end any hope these girls have of a happy ending... Open the Spoilers for the first part! As weird as it sounds, this is pretty much my first time using a forum, so I don't really know the best way to manage voting for the options, so for now I guess just say what option you want. Feel free to suggest a way to manage it, I'm always open to learning from all you forum veterans!

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