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  1. Oh shucks, I thought I split it up pretty good! *sniff* I'm writing two novels right now, part 1 and part 2 (prequel) of the series I've imagined. There are supposed to be more parts, but I need to finish these first. It's a science fiction-fantasy, romance-adventure story set on another planet in our solar system, conveniently undiscovered by NASA---or is it?!
  2. Can I ask, what's your cross-over story about? I don't really have a problem with writer's block anymore, but when I did have it, it was usually because: 1. My real-world environment + routine was stressing me out, so I wasn't motivated to write. 2. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my story. I would try discovery-writing, aka writing without a plot. In my opinion, it's all right for some chapters to serve as a "bridge" for the next major event in the story, but there should be something noteworthy happening in some capacity, such as a new character being introduced, or, i
  3. Good morning! A couple things about me, hit it--- Channy / Nika (Weird fact: I share the same name as the heroin in the novels I'm writing, NO, she is not a self-insert, lol). I am: 173cm tall. 5'8", 122 pounds. 25 y/o ---I'm old, but experienced! Come find me if you want to talk about stuff. I work full time. I like anime and manga, but I have not watched any anime in at least a year. Don't really know what to watch, so toss some suggestions at me please! I like tear-jerkers, romances, Slice of Life, and anything related to Appleseed and Berserk. School Rumble is an o
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