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  1. the town/city was modern her legs were black, and i think the main protagonist was in the process of stopping her
  2. i've been trying to find the name of this anime for years and its killing me. please help... when i was a little kid i stayed up WAYYY too late. and adult swim came on. i changed the channel because i was a good kid and was told never to watch adult swim. well the problem is, im also very curious. so i changed the changed it back to see an anime show with a girl that was half naked transformed into a spider-like monster with long legs walking through town and breaking building and stuff. i finished the episode and thought it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen. please help me find the name of this show. it was probably around 2004 maybe 2003 or 2005 on adult swim if that helps. any and all help appreciated :)
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