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  1. just found it while searching for similar anime like the one you mentioned,... it was called mahoraba: hearfull days thx
  2. thx for the quick response, but nope sorry thats not it, checked it just now and neither the art style nor the story of the first episode matched if i had to compare id say the one i am looking for is way more comedy.. and way more colourfull
  3. hi everyone like i said i am looking afor a title from an anime i remember to be romcom, but i cant find it anymore.. the story was a boy moved into a traditional japanese apartment house with a center garden,.. he somehow knows the landlady (teen),.. the seond person living their is a guy that nearly never talks and has a dog handpuppet, than there is a dirt poor mother with a young daughter, the daughter is full of energy and the mother is so lazy she keeps sleeping the day away the last person living in that complex is a loud girl that loves alcohol .. ALOT.... and while the mc wants to learn and paint becuase thats what he studies,... he permanently gets interrupted through the neighbours... either partying, or dragging him of to play games or get drunk.. pls help, i loved that anime but for the life of me cant rememer the title

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