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    This is just kinda the top list of what i have right now and what i like :)
    1. One piece .-10-.
    2. Naruto .-9,95-.
    3. That time i got reincarnated as a slime .-9,87-.
    4. My hero academia .-9,76-.
    5. One punch man .-9,65-.
    6. Demon Slayer .-9,60-.
    7. Dr. Stone .-9,54-.
    8. The rising of the Shield Hero .-9,53-.
    9. The seven deadly sins .-9,52-.
    10. Pokemon .-9,50-.
    11. HunterxHunter .-9,37-.
    12. Haikyuu!! .-9,31-.
    13. Food wars .-9,25-.
    14. Attack in titan .-9,10-.
    15. Fire force .-9,07
    16. The disastrous life of Saiki K .-9,05-.
    17. Tokyo ghoul.-.8,97-.
    18. Death note .-8,89-.
    19. Avatar .-8,80-.
    20. Vinland Saga .-8,75-.
    21. Assassination classroom .-8,70-.
    22. No game no life .-8,65-.
    23. Yuri on ice!!! .-8,58-.
    24. Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie? .-8,55-.
    25. Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems .-8,53-.
    26. Dragon ball .-8.18-.
    27. Your lie in april .-8,15-.
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  1. @Wedgy nope that isn’t it. I’m kinda losing hope of ever finding it thank you tho!
  2. @Ohiotaku yeah people keel telling me but no I’m sure it isn’t the main character doesn’t allign with the image i have with in my head at all and the plot is different except for the fact that he also does exorcisms but thanks anyway
  3. So a while back I saw an anime on netflix I believe and I’m trying to remember the name of it. I have also searched everywhere in the internet but i can’t find it. I need all o you guys to help me!! So from what i remember the main character had purple/blue ish hair and was on a leaderboard and he was the number two of something (yes I know very vague...) then he got hired to do a what i believe was an exorcism to a girl of a rich family and this is really all i remember sorry :/

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