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  1. Hi guys, I started this thread with the intention to encourage discussion on the lack of black ( African or African-American ) -looking main characters in anime, manga, JRPGs, and light novels in general, as well as to brainstorm and exchange ideas on what can be done to solve this problem once and for all. As we all know, it's already 2020, the start of the 3rd decade of the 21st century, and we have yet to see at least one romantic comedy story made in Japan across the mediums mentioned above with a Black main character, so I think it is time for a big revolution in this matter. Black people in America are big consumers of anime, and many have even bought translated products or raw products from Japan. To foster and promote more understanding and friendship between Black Americans and Japanese, I think the big first step can be done by some kind and cool artist from Japan to make either any kind of work drawn in manga/anime style that would feature a Black main character and a Japanese main heroine. Interracial marriages between Blacks and Japanese have already occurred in real life, but those are the couple's personal matters and doesn't influence the mass consciousness much when compared to seeing a Black protagonist in a manga, anime, JRPG or light novel that would be read by tens of thousands to millions of people. So, to promote the idea of "friendship and understanding between Black people and Japanese people in general", I think works of fiction would be a very nice and perfect platform for that to be done, since it would reach more people. As we all know, Japan is an aging country and it desperately needs more connection with people from other races in order to live in this new century, so as global citizens we need to help Japan and their elderly people, so to encourage young people outside of Japan to understand Japanese and their culture more, it would be good for a fictional work to be made with a non- Japanese and dark-skinned main character to symbolize inter-cultural friendship, and mutual trust and respect when he is partnered with a light-skinned Japanese main heroine. So, it would be a big symbolic move if such a anime, manga, JRPGs, and light novel were to be made, so that it would motivate and drive more young people from America to want to learn Japanese language seriously so that they can work in Japan to help the nice and elderly folks there living in a marvelous country who gave us so many forms of entertainment till now. But, with cultural exchange, it is a two-way street, so it is time for Blacks ( represented by such a protagonist ) to connect inter-personally and fictionally with Japanese people in a romantic comedy story to encourage more Americans to feel connected more personally with Japan, not as a meme or a source of quick entertainment anymore, but as a a more serious and heartfelt medium to connect more with the Japanese people so one day some might go to work in Japan to help them in their great time in need of outside help especially in the 2030s and 2040s. Remember, Japan, you are not alone, and you can always rely on us from all over Earth. We are all brothers and sisters sharing the same planet. Peace and Love.
  2. Hi, I'm new here. Hope to be able to exchange ideas of many anime-related topics here.

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