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  1. There are those, but I'm thinking a little different. For example, there are books that have these long, great stories, but the intimacy between characters isn't alluded to, or hidden, but used to accentuate the story and also give it more depth. Basically, I'm just trying to find a show where the story is great, and the MC actually manages to have some sort of intimacy on screen instead of the usual cop-out most shows have to not be considered 18+
  2. What I mean by this is, are there any anime series that have a full, meaningful/exciting stories, but lean moreso into hentai territory? Like, for example, an anime that is the full 12/24 ect. Amount of episodes, but also have the full "act" so to say. I'd love to know, because the amount of times I find a great show that is so heavily innuendous, that I kinda get annoyed with the way they play out. Or something branded as "hentai" but sex isn't the main focus. Just curious. I know theres a lot of content out there, and figured I'd put it up.
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