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    (DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MAINLY FOCUSED TOWARDS GUYS BUT FEMALES ARE FREE TO GIVE THEIR INPUT) So the question is: What makes an anime girl attractive (Be honest) I'm thinking of making an anime/manga and I'm asking the general public for their input because I don't want it to be too cliche or mediocre Please don't say obvious things like some physical body features (*cough cough, you know what I mean) I know this question is vague but think of it like this, what is your ideal anime girl (not her name from a real anime/manga, but you can give me some references tho) If you don't know what I'm asking for or don't know how to answer the question, here are some starters: Is she Tall , Short (Midget), or Average Height (still shorter than males but not a midget)? Do you like their personality more than their physical appearance, or vice versa? (you can give a percentage if you want like 65% personality and 35% physical appearance) The bossy, controlling, manipulative type or the nice, caring, friendly type? (You can also tell me some other types like tsudere, kandere, etc.) Is she very intelligent or an air head? Is she strong or weak? (weird question ik lol) Is she wishi-washi (or indecisive) or bold and straight-foward? Glasses or not? What's her eye color? What's her hair color and hair length? (Curly, Straight, Wavy, Long, Shoulder Length, Short, Black, Blonde, etc.) Is she clumsy? Do she blush a lot? Those are some starters, but feel free to add any additional information. Tell me what to avoid and what things that I should do Thanks for the help!

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