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  1. i haven't seen wolf's rain as for the rest iv seen i enjoyed all of them steins gate stared off to slow for me so i dropped it. but i do know a lot of people like it so i may try it again ty for reply iv seen them already and i enjoyed them for the most part ty for the reply tho
  2. maybe mha? one piece? bleach? kinda hard to say but these are 3 that came to mind they are main stream so tiktok would probably show them still may not be them but in mha look up stain and see if that was it if not then its probly not it but thats my best guess
  3. any more details? like names are art style are what kind of fighting?
  4. i'm looking for dubbed because i'm dyslexic and cant keep up with subtitles. now that that's cleared up, iv seen a lot of anime so i'm running out of anime to watch. i tend to watch funny, harem, and fantasy etc... stuff i don't really like but can watch some of is drama, horror, and some sports. i have seen a lot, i cant list them all . ill be happy to talk about anything! some iv seen and like are: the quintessention quintuplets, DxD, that time i got reincarnated as a slime, b gadda h k, my first girlfriend is a gal, haikyu!!, gamer's, classroom of the elite, my bride is a mermaid, the devil is a part timer, mob psycho 100, knights and magic, rising of the shield hero, lord marksman and the vanadis, my roomate is a cat, dr stone, from common place to world strongest, please teacher, D-frag, ben-to, one piece, my hero academia, overlord, and so on xD some i did not like much : ulysses jeanne d'arc and the alchemist knights, fairy tail, no rin, guilty crown, aesthetica of a rogue hero, angels of death, yuno a gilr who chants love, the onces within, baka & test and more, i hope this can help you help me find anime to watch thanks in advance! p.s im a guy
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