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  1. I am pretty new into writting but I wrote this for a friend who went through quite the stuff (btw, it is quite a lot of references to the songs of The Weeknd). The rain is pouring down the window. A cold and frozen night in the middle of the city, it seemed that no ghosts of prevoius sins could wonder around. It is strange, peacefully strange. A strangeness that seemed familiar. It is my miserable life that I will be living after that event and like what everyone said "It will hurt in the end. The supreme punishment that only you could impose over me , just for trying to bite on the poisonous fruit of love. The scent of you masked by sadness and sorrow of my agony. Tears dropping like the rain causing my eyes to itch for some reason, a "beacause" that I am not able to find. My hear, tonerd and shattered into millions of pieces, and impossinle puzzle that could only be compared to the uncertainity of your emotions. Not even her love could have taken me out of this miserable and ordinary life. If you were my end goal, a heaven that I should achieve, then I prefer to go to my own helll. I've been on my own for long enough. I was blinded by the lights that she created while she walked away from life. I've seen your true colours, colours that you were painting while out love was running out of time. The pain of your smile is making me drown into what we could have been, pictures of you that can only be seen when a thunder strikes as a daily reminder of you, a false alarm that everyoen was screaming at me. The silence was broken by your cries of joy, almost seeming as you are in total pain while perceiving the end of the road. I fillowed that unique voice of yours, leading to your own quartered and rotten body. It seemed that your dark phylosophy hunted you. I left the room with a smile on one end and a tear on the other. Thanks for reading, let me know what could I improve with my writing and hope you have an awesome day in this time of uncertainity.
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