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  1. literaly one week ago i didnt know what anime to watch but now because all the previous animes have wrapped up and new ones are coming i have so many that i am watching at the same time! i am trying to juggle between new and old anime so that i can watch them when they get released! by the time i get to the middle of the anime i am watching i get straigth up addicted and since most anime have only 1 season of 12 - 13 episodes i find it hard to cope with the fact i can never see this again. sooo i king of just watch most anime till the secong or third last episode saving the last episodes for when i have lost the addiction for this anime the watch it later. to get rid of this addiction i need to find something equally as good and this cycle continues! lately i am soooo over croude i have like 30 -35+ anime i have left half way and it is sooo anoying right now especially since all the new anime are coming out!!! anyone else have any problems like this????
  2. ooh thank you soo much! i will be busy this summer! thanks for the detailed layout! really exited to check these out!
  3. i am on the last episode of most of the anime i am watching right now and the next seasons are delayed. anyway... want recomendations to any really good anime. anyone know any?
    it is an amazing anime! the story, the comedy, the drama! its all amazing! cant wait for season 3, really looking forward too it!
  4. Danganronpa is great! it is really different from harem anime - like literally whenever you start to ship someone they ar killed! i loved it - the first season was the best - definatly should try out if you want a change in type of anime!

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