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  1. Thanks Zila! I checked and joined few clubs. Looking forward for fun filled discussions here. I am not able to grasp all the components of this forum, maybe I will be asking for some help regarding it in staff section soon. I like lot of things about anime that includes good, unique, and very creative stories. Lot of characters with significant variation in qualities, behavior, and values (in most anime), there is always a character you can easily resonate with. Like in Naruto a lot of people like Kakashi, Jiraya, Itachi (the list goes on..). Another thing is in most anime the protagonist is not always strongest from the beginning, he starts like anybody else and climb up his way to be a better person. Watching a character helps to connect better and is motivating. I will be stopping now or I will get too emotional with a very long post . I will be posting more in this forum. Looking forward to interact with a lot of people and exploring new things and anime. Best Wishes.
  2. Hello Everyone! My name is Vin although my account name goes by Natsu Sama (I am a Big fan). I love anime very much and I am always looking to find new anime. I am watching anime for very long but never joined any community before so this is my very first time joining an anime community. The primary reason for joining is to share my love for anime. I just cannot hold it in anymore, I need to let it out by sharing it with someone. I am always looking for new awesome anime. Honestly, I find it hard to find good anime or manga. When I don't find anything I watch something again. Just 15 minutes ago I completed watching "In another world with my Smart Phone" . Looking forward to connect with you all. Have a great weekend!
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