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    Serial Experiments Lain, Psycho-Pass, Nichijou, Steins;Gate, Spice and Wolf, Monster, Girls Last Tour, Kino’s Journey (2003), Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Hyper Dimension Neptunia.
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    Dark Souls 1, Fallout New Vegas, Kingdom Hearts.

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  1. Thank you, Wedgy. Recently I’ve been diving head first into light novels with Spice and Wolf alongside The Saga of Tanya the Evil. I’m slowly getting into the latter’s anime and I eventually plan on watching the Spice and Wolf anime adaptation. I do want to watch series such as Blue Submarine No. 6, Berserk, and Monster. A few of my favorite series includes Serial Experiments Lain, Girls Last Tour, Nichijou, and FLCL.
  2. I’ve always had an interest in history but growing up I’ve come to realize I don’t enjoy the typical textbook history. I’ve discovered a podcaster by the name of Dan Carlin provides both an entertaining and enlightening series of podcasts. He spends months, up to four or even half a year, sometimes even a whole year, researching a given topic on history and tries to provide a non biased view of events from both sides of history from first hand accounts, soldiers letters, and books from sources he provides. This series is about the Nation of Japan and how their culture changed during and after WWll. This podcast episode takes a look at humanity and weapons of mass destruction. Can humans be capable of handling such frightening power? How can we know? The focus of this one looks towards the creation of the atom bombs and nuclear warfare and how people have viewed such manmade creations of devastation.
  3. Hello, you can call me Celes. I’m searching for a community to get acquainted with. I’m awful at self introductions. Hope we can get along.
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