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  1. Oh man..those grandmas and grandpas..i've only ever seen people like them on TV...I'd love to have a person like that around the house..I come from a society where the older generation tends to be rather prudish.....and don't worry.. there's something about females being perverts that's rather arousing..atleast to me(that makes me sound like a creep)..for men, it's just outright creepy.. And It's gonna be a while till I turn 70..I'm still 18....so I don't think I should be worryin' about this either...it's just..I've got off to some fucked up shit..it's one of the reasons I am not gonna marry anyone..no poor woman should be put up to deal with a fucked up individual like me.....but anyway..and it's not just at 70..like a lady who replied to this post previously said..even late 20s and early 30s would be just as bad to be like that...so yeah..that's why it worries me..(yeah..I got too much time on my hands..)..
  2. Yeah man..ambiguity would be nice...still tho..the thought of liking anime girls at the age of 70 terrifies me..it seems so dark, you could make a black mirror episode out of it.....I hope I'm a little less of a pervert at 70 than I am today...cause I really don't wanna give up anime ever..
  3. Oh..I didn't know they allowed 14 year olds to marry in the states...I mean...laws are made by the people I guess...if the people are okay with it..then I guess so are the laws...the day they've had enough..there'll be protests and the laws will be gone..(there's really no civil way to get rid of laws nowadays..)..but yeah..coming back to anime...I guess if you can live with it...and it's not harming anyone..go for it.. but don't blame others when they don't approve of ya..but if their approval is what you seek..then really there's right way to live at this point.. And I really am not trying to defend perverts and paedophiles here but..I guess sometimes you just can't stop those thoughts from crossing your mind..I mean...if someone's got hots for kids then..it is what is..I mean sure..it means there something wrong with them..but at that point their character depends on what they do with those thoughts...the moral course would be to suppress them..even if it's about anime...it won't be easy tho..it would be easy on their conscience..hard on their mind..then there's the easy way out..finding others just as sick as them..approving of the immoral things..and then make a freakin' law for it..like the marriage thing you mentioned...after which..the immoral things won't technically be immoral at that point..
  4. Hm...I guess it all comes down to the individual's conscience..
  5. Hm..yeah the feeling can be quite overpowering..best way to deal with it imo..is to savour that depression...I mean..if you look at it a certain way..you could get addicted to that kinda sadness..which might not be in anybody's best interest but..yeah..better than fighting it I guess..
  6. Amen brother.. I appreciate that man.. "Anime is the main tv"...damn...you lucky as hell boi!..where I live..anime isn't prevalent at all..infact..it's barely in existence here..I gotta pirate everything..(hail gogoanime and crunchyroll mod!)...although that has started to change with the advent of gen z..(that includes myself)..
  7. I do intend to start reading light novels..I just gotta find time somehow..im still relatively new to anime..I just started watching it this March..but it has taken over my life unlike anything else..I mean..I have been into hollywood since 7th grade but it hasn't affected my life as much as anime..and yes!..ofcourse I'd like to get issekaid..even the biggest of losers have a chance at a good life in anime..perfect for me!.. I just..okay I'll come clean.. I wanna be cool enough in life to make an anime girl fall for me..(hazukashi)...I mean..I have set standards that I think will be enough to impress an anime girl..and I wanna reach those standards...ofcourse there's no real anime girls to impress..so it'd more of a self satisfaction than anything..and they're all good things that I wanna do..I wanna learn how to play the piano..I wanna get in shape..and I just wanna get a job comfortable enough to allow me to watch anime a substantial amount of time in a day..so hey!..anime kinda makes me wanna be better in life..
  8. So glad to know I'm not the only who's overly invested in anime....feeling that way is a kinda of a bliss and curse...it's a feeling of sadness that you get addicted to.. *Cries thinking about Oregairu and your lie in april*...
  9. I did actually want to lower the age down to late 20s and early 30s..but I thought increasing it would increase its impact as a question..but now that I think about it..the effect's rather opposite,as much of what old people do is disregarded as "old people things"..as long as it isn't harming anyone ofcourse..but yeah,as you said, this one shouldn't be allowed to slide just because it isn't real...I added the "even if it isn't real" part, so that the people won't try to satisfy themselves by that logic... although I do agree that it being real or virtual makes a big difference as far as how it impacts the people around you...because sometimes you can't do anything about the thoughts that cross your mind except suppress them or find an alternate means of catharsis(although the former has the moral superiority imo)(also..the latter could have the opposite effect and could lead to the encouragement of paedophilia,as you said)... although I'd also like to think, age and experience provide some degree of control over our thoughts (do they,grace-san?)..soo..I think in that regard, it being real or not does make a difference...but at the end of the day, it's about whether you're able to live with yourself or not...cause a dirty mind and a good conscience is a toxic combination of traits in any human being..you could bullshit anyone but yourself...finding something attractive...is not really upto you..and that..as creepy as it sounds..applies for paedophilia as well...and it being "anime paedophilia"doesn't make it any better as far as morality goes..and deep down people know it..and that is the reason i imagine it would be hard to live with yourself if you'd still have those thoughts..but hey what do I know..I'm still a kid.. relatively.. I agree...though I didn't know they had the age of consent down to 13 there..damn...but yeah, that is part of the appeal of anime.. atleast for guys like me..(does that make me a perv?..tho I'm still at that age where you could let it slide)..keeping the pedo thing aside for a moment.......is age gonna restrict the ways in which I enjoy anime?...could I still enjoy a high school romance for the sweet and pure aspect of it?..you know...one of the ways I enjoy romance animes is that I imagine myself in a situation similiar to that of the MC's(i know..im a loser)...would I still be able to do that at 35?
  10. You make a good point moderator-san...no one cares what you do at 70..although it's the matter of convincing yourself that you're not a pedo....(ofcourse I'm not gonna touch girls at 70..c'mon!..no one's worthy of my touch except anime girls..jk)(damn..that sounded less creepy in my head)..also being a 70 y/o weeb would be so cool..a veteran in the truest sense of the word..
  11. When/if we reach our 70s...assuming we'd still be watching anime..if we still find high school anime girls attractive...would that be considered paedophilia?..even if they're not real..what would that say about our mentality?
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