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  1. I see..well..I'm one of the hysterical people I guess..but yeah..it does feel good to reflect on it..I often tend to become broody after finishing a good anime or show... although the void in me isn't filled that easy..I've got a problem letting go..and yeah..it is good when you're left longing for me..
  2. I offer my respects to a veteran weeb such as yourself Ohiotaku-san...I can't imagine the years of anime watchtime and life experiences that've given you this perspective on anime and on life..and the correlation b/w the two...I'm really glad and kinda relived to hear that people don't outgrow anime even in their middle age..rather their appreciation deepens..i'm still relatively new to anime..only been six months since I started but I can't imagine my life without it now.... unfortunately I haven't watched any of the animes you mentioned except re:zero and I haven't reached that episode yet(or maybe you're talking about the witch's test..where he says goodbye to his parents..is that it?)...I've developed a strong liking for emotional romanctic and dramatic animes tho..Your Lie in April,Clannad and Oregairu have been some of my favourites so far...although I do also like shounen...I loved FMAB,fate ubw and bungou stray dogs..I believe the reason I indulge in imagination because it's part of my experience of watching an anime..and being a kid..I haven't had many life experiences..so the only way for me to gain some form of empathy for the character is to put myself in his/her shoes..and also because I like imagining myself impressing 2d girls..(forgive me I'm still 18)..anime is larger than life for me as I'm sure it is for most people...I don't wanna look like I'm whining but..my life's been pretty bland even by conventional standards..and to be frank..imagining myself in those situations makes me feel cool..but I believe i'll grow out of this indulgenc(hopefully)... actually..do people stop trying to be cool after a certain age?..even someone like you who's got a deep appreciation for anime...have you stopped giving Fs about being cool..or did you never give any in the first place?
  3. Ah...gamin' I see..lot of hip and back pain I imagine..I like games too..just not the online ones..I like offline story driven games...God of war..uncharted..he Campaigns in Call of Duty....anway..before I bore you anymore with my personal details...How do you become a moderator here?..also what responsibilities does that title bring with it? Also...should I've messaged that instead of posting it on this thread?..because it counts as a casual post?.. Also..do you draw comics for a living? (Forgive me if I'm prying)..
  4. gomen.... totally forgot about the spoiler tag..I'll remember it from now on..also I'll treat you as a normal user if that's what you want..but really tho..you're quite the celebrity here(just a compliment)..also I hope I'm not bothering you by talkin' too much...you know how real life introverts get on the internet.. yeah I'm one of those...about the bad endings..yeah those ruin the mood a little but when an ending doesn't go my way..I just..accept it as what the author thought suitable for the ending..after all... all these animes,shows,movies were thought of by a different person..their tastes and way of thinking different than ours...we invest our time and in some cases money to experience their story on a mere gamble that it's gonna be enjoyable from our perspectives too..so if an ending doesn't go my way..I just accept it as the author's thinking and enjoy it as that..almost as if I were watching it happen in real life as a spectator..if in a harem..the girl I'm rooting for doesn't end up with the protagonist..I'll feel sad(and probably vent about it on AF from now on)..but I'll enjoy it as if that's what I was supposed to feel..ofcourse in the corner of my mind I'd be like " him ending up with her makes more sense! Damn you author!"...but I just keep those thoughts in that corner..it's similar to how I deal with disappointment in real life..in my head I'd be running simulations of how I could've done it better..but in the end..I accept it as a part of the story and not treat it as an aberration...as long as there's a possibility of it happening I accept it..and by that logic..anything's possible..and irl too..people often screw up at moments they least accept themselves to screw up..and so this way of thinking.. keeps me from getting infuriated at the ending..and cursing at the author..ofcourse at the end of the day..I make up my own ideal ending in my head..not nearly as satisfying as it happening in real life but...kinda therapeutic..
  5. My first discussion and I get a reply from a moderator...honestly I'm honoured... I do the song thing all the time too..Only in my case, I'm on a treadmill...(cause I can't wake up before 9 for the life of me)..I sometimes imagine myself playing the song or make up a movie scene(with me in it ofcourse) while listening to the song..so it ups the immersion factor..and yeah that does keep me running for an extra 15 minutes or so..it feels good to exhaust yourself to a good song..more often than not finishing a good anime makes me wanna play the keyboard..(not that I could play anything decent to save my life..more like it makes me wanna learn something to play)...playing anime themes makes me feel I'm in that anime..even if it's only for a minute..even if I play it poorly..crying's another side effect..but what's worse than crying is when you can't cry but you're just sad..when it all remains inside of you..sure it's savourable but..its also painful..like the way I felt after I finished your lie in April..sadness was all I could feel for the following week or two...(why did Kaori have to die?!!!)...the catharsis that accompanies crying is..the best..(crying does leave you with a headache tho..)..I do wish I could draw tho...but I'm just.. painfully unskilled at that..(not that my keyboard playing's any better..)
  6. Guys..do animes make you feel a certain kind of way too?...after finishing a good anime...I'm left with a big void in my heart..I just get lost in thought...I know I could never be as good as one of those anime characters..but just wanting to be feels good.. the melancholy is enjoyable..imagining yourself as one of the characters feels good..needless to say it helps me escape reality..it fills my head with unrealistic expectations which isn't healthy but it feels good..like a drug..anime girls are like a remedy to sadness..how does it make you people feel?
  7. Hey..a fellow new member here..I hope we can be friends..
  8. Hey...a fellow new AF member here..I haven't got much to do..up for a chat or something?...about anime ofcourse..(I couldn't think of a better way to phrase this..I hope this doesn't creep you out..)
  9. Hey..I'm new to AF, I hope I can find people to talk with about anime...I've only started watching anime a few months ago...but I'd say I've watched enough where I really wanna talk to people about it..we needn't necessarily stick to the topic...Oregairu's just been on my mind lately so I thought I'd put that in the topic..I just wanna talk about anime..and hopefully also about the ones I've watched...I hope I don't annoy and creep people out by talking too much.. Sooo...Oregairu's nearing its end...with only a couple of episodes left..It's got me wondering about Yui...The first three episodes or so made me feel as if 8man's gonna end up with Yui...then they showed his inclination towards Yukino and you accepting the fact that she's not gonna get 8man...now with this whole wish thing in play....and with 8man saying how he wishes he could just fulfill all of yui's wishes one by one..its got me wondering if there's hope for yui fter all...I know in the manga he ends up with Yukino...I won't mind 8man ending up with any of the girls..It's just hard for me to see yui's heart break..

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